On Sunday, 25 October 2009, Guinness World Record was set in Beirut’s Saifi Market. For two days since Saturday, the Saifi Market was filled with the sound of chopping, cheering and the sweet, grassy smell of tons of freshly cut parsley.

Lebanon famous chef Ramzi Choueiry and the gang preparing the giant tabbouleh salad for a new Guinness World Record at Saifi Market in Beirut, Lebanon.

Thousands of visitors showed up to cheer the 250 sous chefs and 50 of their instructor from the Kafaat School of Catering. Their target is to prepare the world’s biggest tabbouleh salad.

Tabbouleh is salad made of chopped parsley and tomatoes… sound like a very tasty salad and healthy too… which I believe is much better than the best diet pills available today. I like to eat salad very much… the only good place for me to eat salad here is at McDonald Pizza Hut 😛

Lebanese chefs busy chopping tomatoes to be mixed with parsley for their giant tabbouleh.

For the record… the Lebanese chefs manage to prepare more than 3 tons of tabbouleh salad… to be exact, it was 3,557 kilograms or 7,841 pounds of tabbouleh salad. According to the organizer, the previous record was held by Israel.

Lebanese chefs successfully prepared a massive plate of tabbouleh weighing 3,557 kilograms or 7,841 pounds in Beirut, Lebanon, on Sunday, 25 October 2009.

The day before, Saturday, they also manage to set a new record for the biggest hummus plate weighing 2,056 kilograms or 4,532 pounds, more than quadruple the previous record.

The giant plate or bowl holding the tabbouleh also set a new reword for being the biggest and largest rotating terracotta-colored hummus bowl.

In other word, Lebanese set 3 new Guinness World Records during the festival.

But these also means war of words between Lebanon and Israel will not stop here… both countries claimed tabbouleh and hummus are belongs to them… I hope they don’t go for war because of food… let’s just enjoy the tasty food ok…