BAH… last call for Sabah’s paintball players out there…

This is your chance to play paintball league cup… there will be three legs in this league.

For this first leg, it will be held from 6th to 7th March 2010 at the new paintball fields at Likas Stadium.

There are two categories, rookie and open.

For rookie category, it’s going to be 3 men + 3 reserve. Entrance fee is RM300 and inclusive of paintball pallets. Newbie & students are highly encourage to participate.

For open category, it’s going to be 5 men + 2 reserve. Entrance fee is RM300. You can use electrical or mechanical marker…

USPL rules will be used in this tournament.

For further information, contact:
KK Paintball Centre – 088 727445
Zachary – 016 8146301
Sammy – 016 8472592
Gabrielle – 016 8459991
Tracy – 016 8459903
Miguel – 016 8350053
Email –

And as what to expect from this league… here are photos of Pre-WCA games last year… expect to have the same or better excitements… 😀