I hate it when I don’t have appetite to eat… yea, it’s weird… eating is one of my favourite activity 😛 and it’s almost like obligation coz if I skip food, I will get migraine. But today, I feel no appetite… well, I feel like going to be sick… my mouth feel numbs… I don’t know why… probably caused by the food I eat this afternoon.

Ishin Japanese Dining… Somewhere in KL… the logo looks like Hana Japanese Dining at City Mall.

I lose weight very fast… especially when I’m sick and no appetite to eat… skipping food for a couple of days will show weight loss… so if I want to lose weight, I don’t have to diet, take apidexin, etc. etc… I just have to skip food for a couple of days… 😛

Ishin Japanese Dining using iPAD for its menu.

Anyways, I manage to force myself to eat the dinner just now… maybe I’ve been eating too much last week and this week… last week was eating lots of Japanese food, beef and pork in KL… this week, eat more pork and Korean food back home… well, I just hope I don’t fall sick coz there are many work to finish… 😛

Some Korean food at Tanjung Aru…