Yesterday, 11 February 2009, as usual my office section had a weekly meeting. Our weekly meeting is called Morning Prayer. Don’t ask me why it is called like that because it was like that since before I started working here. And why the heck I want to talk about our weekly meeting?

OK lah… let me tell you why. Usually we only have drinks and some biscuits during the meeting, but yesterday were a bit ‘extra’. I think this ‘extra’ was the third time since the last two meetings… consecutively. Of course there was ‘extra’ before like somebody got a new ‘pay’.

The first one was with ‘extra kuih’… and that was because I won the ‘fantasy premier league’ for the month of December. We have been playing this game since the EPL started in July 08, and every month the winner is from another section. So for December 08 month I was the winner. Then for the month of January 09, another colleague in my section won the game. He treated us with extra ‘fried noodles’.

Then yesterday, our boss treat us with ‘extra extra’ more… because he got ‘extra extra’ bonus I think 😀

We were treated with loads of ‘pau’ and ‘dim sum’!!! 4 stacks of ‘pau’, 2 stacks of ‘dim sum’, some ‘yam kuih’ and some ‘little fried tausa pau’. Everyone was enjoying the ‘dim sum’, it was so tasty man… we hope next time if we order ‘dim sum’ again its going to be 6 stacks of ‘dim sum’!!! I guess my colleagues will be getting extra weight this year… to those who want to control the weighing scale, you better take Leptovox 😆 Me no problem… the more I eat the less I grow… but the more I work, the more the scale goes up 😮