Gone missing for sometimes again… lots of things happen for the past 2 weeks. The worse was the Perak’s political drama. It made the country looks like ‘jungle’… I think the jungle has better rules… the animals can live in the jungle much more peaceful.

But yesterday, 11 May 2009, the decision by the High Court to reinstate the ‘former’ Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin, gave some hope to the country’s democracy.

OK, forget about politics… I don’t like politician anyway. Politician can go and read more of the Lipofuze review… so that they know how to burn their big fat belly… and concern more of the people’s plights who voted them to where they are now… come on, the people are starving for development… don’t just fill your fat tummy!!!

OK back to my life, since last week, I have been attending part time course for MCSE Certification. The classes are on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. They all start at 6pm and ends at 9.30pm. It’s quite tiring… I go to the class straight from my office. I don’t have time to go back home to change. The class will runs until the end of October. I guess I have to struggle to make sure I’m fit enough to do my works, especially when I have to study and probably stay awake longer for the exam later. emm… probably will loose some weight… but hell no, I need more food to make sure I’m fit. OK lah… will talk more about the class later.