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Astro’s DIVA Universal viewers  are talking more about losing weight… so maybe I should do lipofuze review this time… maybe not… but what’s on DIVA Universal?… well that’s where they show The Biggest Loser Asia Season 2… and it’s already episode 9… and they are only left with four contestant in red team and three contestants in blue team.

The competition is getting stiffer and members in each team are starting to back stab each other to stay put to the final episode. When contestant Saw from red team was booted out this week, the red team started breaking apart… we will see that in episode 10. I hate the blue team coz its members are ‘arrogant’… the red team are mo friendly… I hope the red team will win… 😛

The blue team has lost 5 of its members plus 1 from red team which was transferred to them. The red team so far lost 3 members plus 1 which was transferred to blue team. Whenever the red team win challenge or weighing, they shows their sportsmanship by not irritating the other team… but whenever the blue team win, they really don’t have a sportsmanship… they shows their irritating actions… that’s why I want them to lose… 😛

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Politic Sucks… And I’m Busy…

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Gone missing for sometimes again… lots of things happen for the past 2 weeks. The worse was the Perak’s political drama. It made the country looks like ‘jungle’… I think the jungle has better rules… the animals can live in the jungle much more peaceful.

But yesterday, 11 May 2009, the decision by the High Court to reinstate the ‘former’ Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin, gave some hope to the country’s democracy.

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