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The Next Prime Minister?

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Zaid Ibrahim

Is this man, Zaid Ibrahim, going to be the next Malaysia’s Prime Minister???

He started as a kampung boy in Kelantan and build a 130+ lawyers law firm, Zaid Ibrahim & Co… the biggest law firm in Malaysia… probably the biggest in South East Asia too…

He was appointed as a Law Minister but resign after about 6 months… he can’t go against his principle… so he resign…

But tomorrow he might stand for the Hulu Selangor by-election… a parliament seat which can allow appointment for federal minister or Prime Minister.

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Politic Sucks… And I’m Busy…

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Gone missing for sometimes again… lots of things happen for the past 2 weeks. The worse was the Perak’s political drama. It made the country looks like ‘jungle’… I think the jungle has better rules… the animals can live in the jungle much more peaceful.

But yesterday, 11 May 2009, the decision by the High Court to reinstate the ‘former’ Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin, gave some hope to the country’s democracy.

OK, forget about politics… I don’t like politician anyway. . . . Continue Reading »


I feel like whacking someone

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The politics scenario in Malaysia right now is really wasting a lot of time and resources. I really hate with what’s going on right now.

Since 8 March 2008, after the 12th General Election, the scenario of Malaysia’s politics changed like never before. It’s all because of the big losses of the Barisan Nasional (BN) to Pekatan Rakyat (PR).

BN lost the two-third majorities in the federal government which it enjoys for the past 50 years. And it also lost another 4 states out of the 13 states (15 if you include KL and Labuan). BN lost 5 states actually, including Kelantan which has been ruled by opposition, PAS, for sometimes. . . . Continue Reading »

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