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need new garments

Adidas, dockers, rj classics, sneakers, trousers

I need new office attire… so this is a chance for me to do some shopping while in KL… πŸ˜€

Probably gonna buy some trousers and shirts… maybe rj classics, wait that for ladies… hahaha… so it’s gonna be Dockers… Dockers trousers are great… I like it very much coz they have good fabrics and easy to iron… πŸ˜€

And for sports, need new sports shoe…sneakers…for casual, gym and running. I also need moreΒ  sweat wicking t-shirts… and Adidas is the favourite name πŸ˜€

Hope I wont fry my wallet while I’m here… πŸ˜›

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cheap shoe at lintas

Adidas, cheap sale, discount, Giuseppe Zanotti, golf, lintas, nike, shoe

If you are looking for cheap shoe, you can try the shop at Jalan Lintas… I think it is called Grace One… it is somewhere in front of the Lintas Golf Driving Range. The shoes are somehow reject shoes… well, the shoe are a little bit deformed… but you will not be able to tell it… the deformed are like uneven colors, stitch not inline… etc… they don’t have fancy brand like Giuseppe Zanotti but a much bigger brand like Adidas and Nike. I was there a few weeks ago… I was attracted with their banner… 70% Discounts!!! But I did not buy anything… but I was eying for the Adidas Predator soccer shoe… to use for paintball game πŸ˜› … it was selling for RM107.00… in fact, most of the shoe are sold at that price… πŸ˜€

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Adidas Hydroterra Shandal

Adidas, Hydroterra Shandal, roller shades, roller shutter, shoe, sports, Step Down Construction

After gym the other day, I stopped by at one of the big shoe shops at City Mall… to look for outdoor shoe… coz I have been using my Adidas Mega Bounce 09 for gym and outdoor thingy. I came here before and saw a nice outdoor shoe… it’s a sports shoe which can turn into sandals… just nice to wear for outdoor stuff especially photography… πŸ˜€

Adidas Mega Bounce 09

I took photo of it in the previous visit and did some research about the shoe… First I thought the shoe name is Adidas Step Down… but when I Google Adidas Step Down, I can’t find anything about it… After doing more search, it turn out the correct name is Hydroterra Shandal…

Adidas Hydroterra Shandal side view

This shoe is great coz it really looks just like a normal sports shoe… sneakers… but what makes it special is the ankle area… you can just step on it… it is constructed to be stepped-on… well, we do step on our shoe just like that but usually it will spoil the shoe… but for this Hydroterra Shandal, it is constructed for that… and it will take the stepping punishment like a man… πŸ˜€

Adidas Hydroterra Shandal ankle view

Anyway, while inside the shop… well it was quite late already about 9.30pm… without any warning, the shops assistants started shutting the shop’s roller shades?… roller shutters? I have to rush out before they shut all the roller shutters… and too bad, the Hydroterra ShandalΒ  shoe is no longer there… have to go to 1Borneo Adidas to shop for it I guess…

Adidas Hydroterra Shandal sole view


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