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viewing porn live on national tv

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Surfing unrelated or unofficial sites during office hours are considered illegal… coz you are abusing the company or government properties.

And getting caught surfing porno live on national TV is something you don’t want to happen… at your life time 😛

A guy, employee of Sydney’s Macquarie Bank in Australia was not surfing or viewing any officials materials… or surfing a regular health sites like… but he was caught viewing porn materials in his office… and it was done live on national TV!!!…
The live financial news about the current interest rates caught the employee at the background while his colleague, Martin Lakos, a Macquarie Private Wealth, was giving his analysis live on TV.

But in my opinion, the guy was not surfing any porn websites… in the video, you can see him viewing at least three sexy pictures… a static pictures and not videos… and by looking at what he was doing, I believe his active screen was a mail client program… probably Microsoft Outlook… and I believe he is reading one of his email… and the email has attachments… and you can see him double clicking the picture… the attachment… and a sexy picture will appear on his whole screen every time he do that…

So, in my opinion, he is not really at fault if he was just reading his mail… and unfortunately, someone sent him a nasty email… or should I say a tasty email… so logically, he has to check his emails and of course check the contents… the attachments… the sexy photos… that’s it… case closed…

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Seems everything is slow

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When I came home from Journey around Sabah on Friday, I thought one of my PC’s RAM is broken because the system’s message keeps on popping up telling me my PC is low with system memory! Crap… don’t tell me one of my 2GB RAM is broken.

After cleaning up the temporary and history files, then cleaning the registry… then tweak here and there… at last the message is gone. Yes, my RAMs are OK. The most logical reason why the message was popping up is because of the latest Windows update related to the serious security flaw in the Internet Explorer.

Then Kota Kinabalu City is also in major traffic jam on that Friday. The next day news said, it was caused by the combination of early payday and the ongoing Badminton World Foundation Super Series Master Final which started that day until today (Sunday).

Then on Saturday, the breaks of three submarine cables which link Europe and the Middle East caused disruption to the internet and international telephone services in parts of the Middle East and South Asia.

This made the internet at crawling speed or in non-existence state but not as bad as last time, when 7 out of 8 submarine cables near Taiwan breaks after they were hit by earthquakes. The Taiwan earthquake triggers a “digital tsunami” in Asia on that time.


3GB Communities


If you like social community networking very much, you can check out this one if you have not seen them before. It is called 3GB Communities. In here, you can make new friends and probably meet your old friends too. You can also upload your photos to be shared with others. You can join 3gb community right here and start making new friends and hopefully your old friends or family members are already in there, so that you can start your social community networking immediately 😀

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Attractive website design equal to better traffic


The designs of a website do have major effect on the viewer. It can make the viewer stay longer or come back again for more visit to the website. It also plays roles whether the viewer will spread the news about the good design of the website to their friends. Of course the contents of the website also play major roles on those issues.

But why do we really want to make our website design attractive? One reason is, we want our website to be unique or attractive so it gets more attention and at the same time drive more internet traffic to it. The more internet traffic directed to the website, the better rank position it will get in term of search engine ranking. Most of the time, search engine ranking is treated as critical since it is used to determine the popularity of the website. That is why search engine marketing services are available out there to help improve the website’s search engine position.

But search engine rank sometimes doesn’t tell the whole truth. When a particular website is ranked high or better, sometimes a website with the same concept which has a poorer search engine rank has a better contents or popularity in reallity. So now, it is up to you whether you want to improve your website’s search engine ranking or get busy putting more better contents to your website and make its design more attractive.


TV advertisement for your blog


I was blog hoping for the past few days and I notice some are working hard promoting their website or blog. But did they ever think of advertising their blog on the TV? So far I have not seen any blogger advertising their blog on TV. If any of them wants to advertise through Direct Response TV or DRTV service, they definitely will need a TV advertisement production team to do it.

But what exactly Direct Response TV is? DRTV is actually a commercial or infomercial shown on TV which try to convince viewers to buy the product or service they are promoting. They will urge the viewers to respond immediately to their advertisement. OK, by now you should be able to tell what Direct Response TV is all about.

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PayPal phishing today


If you ever receive any reminder from any of your online account like PayPal, make sure it is not a phishing email.

If it is a phishing email, and you login to your account by clicking the links provided… you are DOOM.

You are not login in to the real site but at a phishing site… they try to fish you by fishing you!.. and you eat their bait!

When the link provided clicked, it will bring you to a very long URL.

http://… (it’s very long but i shorten it… same with the rest)

Then you will be redirected to another site….


Notice the http://…

Yea, looks like it belongs to

Phishing always put the ULR like this. In actual fact, the site is not http:// but http://

Here, the is the subdirectory of http://, so it is not http:// site.

Another example from http:// which always come to my inbox saying I won $400


Always look for the first slash ‘/’ to start interpreting the URL…  this site belongs to http://

The next time you see a long URL, make sure the first part is the site you really going to… check to the left from the first /

The PayPal phishing email I received today: . . . Continue Reading »

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Search placement service


If your business is driven by the internet traffic, then I’m sure you have tried to make its present more visible to the internet community at all time. There are many services available out there to help you to make your website appearance better. Services like pay-per-click services or ppc services can help you to drive more traffic to your site by placing your website’s advertisements in the best place. 

Marvist Consulting’s Pay-Per-Click Campaign Management Services is an Internet Marketing Firm who is doing just that. They help you to select the most cost-effective keywords or key phrases for your website, help to select the target market or geography, write & design effective ads and many more services to generate more traffic to your website.

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What type of web hosting you have?


Right now, two of my blogroll links are not working… it has been like that for more than 3 days. No, it is not my fault… and it is not my blog’s coding fault either.

It’s because they thought they had bought the best web hosting service provider on the planet. Their web hosting is having some kind of weird problem. I have spoken to one of them a couple of hours ago.

He said, he has contacted his web hosting service provider and they are trying to fix the problem on the server side! On the server side?!! Well, at least they admitted the fault is on their server and not blaming my friends coding!!!

Gosh, imagine a few days down caused by your ‘best web hosting’ service provider!
Imagine if the website is your sole income provider!
Imagine the lost of visitor and lost of $$$

Who to blame?
Will he get compensation for the losses? Full compensation? Half compensation? No compensation?

I’m so pity on him.

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Is Apogee is the same as bungee?

internet, SEO

Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the most talked about on the net. Everyone wants their page or website to be ranked the highest. Whenever the website is ranked highest, it will get more audience or get more search engines hits.

Apogee Search is one place you can get help in SEO. They are SEO from Austin, Texas but they also have SEO in Houston. They help to ensure your website to be visible in Google, Yahoo!, MSN Live and other search engines.

Everyone wants to jump into SEO program, but not all are good, so to Avoid Search Engine Marketing Malpractice, you must select the good or reputable SEO program. If not, you might end up being de-indexed by the search engines.

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blogger’s site slow

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Do you all notice some of the blogging site like blogger is a bit slow today?… Maybe not all site but some… I was trying to access some but it just too slow. But when I use proxy, it’s OK. I believe there is a ‘flood’ of access from people wanted to read about what happen in KL yesterday… massive DiGi YELLOW man. Meaning there is ‘flood’ of access within the country to those sites, so it slow. When I use proxy by accessing it from outside the country, it just fine.


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