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need cellular booster

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For the past two or three weeks, Celcom network seem to be very slow… sometimes it’s very hard for me to get on 3G data connection. I even went and change my SIM at Damai’s Celcom… and it still the same.

Those on Digi seem to be boasting about their super fast data connection… they said they’re browsing the internet with lightning speed… πŸ˜› Yea I know, Digi got those Turbo stuff on their network… and it only available in KK and Penang so far… when you go outstation, you will be crawling… not even a cellular booster or steroid will be able to help you… hahahaha…

Well, I have to stick with Celcom coz it has one of the biggest coverage around the country… I don’t have to worry about coverage when I go outstations… furthermore I have a good package with it… the P148 plan… with unlimited high speed internet… πŸ˜€ But unfortunately sometimes the 3G connection seem to be nowhere to be found… πŸ˜›

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Super portable notebook but without the mini card

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A friend has been playing FoRex… or currency trading… online for sometimes.

Recently he withdrew his profit of about USD$1000… which comes to RM3,500 after converting it to the ringgit.

With that amount of profit, he bought a Sony VIAO P notebook… so that he can do his forex trading anytime on the road. I do like the Sony VAIO P coz its screen is only 8 inch… very small and lightweight.

But the only drawback is it doesn’t have a built-in cellular mini card so that SIM card can be inserted directly onto it instead of using the external cellular modem through the USB port.

If it comes with the build-in cellular mini card, it will definitely defeat the rest of the super portable notebook in the market… hopefully Sony and the other notebook manufacturers will integrate the cellular mini card into their notebook as soon as possible… the demand is there… then soon everyone will ask for a WiMax mini card!!!


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