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In the local news today… Harder to Find British Pound… well, I guess no one wants to keep large sum or do not want to sell off their pound for the past few months coz its value strength against other currencies has depreciated very much… Previously, the pound is the most expensive currency… well, it’s still the most expensive but not that expensive any more… it’s affordable… a year ago, one pound is about RM7.20, but today it is only RM4.75… that’s RM2.45 or 34% value lost…

My guess why it is harder to find pound in the Money Exchanger or Pengurup Wang coz those having pounds are not selling them yet hoping it will go up again… and other are buying and keeping it while the pound is low and sell it off once it goes up later… after reading the news, I think I want to buy some pound while it is low right now… I played currency before but it’s to dynamic and I end up losing some… πŸ˜› Keeping gold IRA is much safer for long term I guess… no I’m not talking about gold by IRA the Irish Republican Army… but Individual Retirement Account πŸ˜›

Gold is the most valued metal in the market… every countries keeps gold for their economic strength… so having an IRA gold is not bad… it’s a good way of saving… but unfortunately I don’t think that saving programme is available here… not even the 401k gold… πŸ˜› And now I’m thinking… which one is better, buying currency or buying gold?… Just look at this statistic… Gold bullion coins in the early 70’s is $25,000… and today after 30 years, that same gold bullion will valued at $524,999.00 πŸ˜› You just have to keep it… you don’t have to worry about it’s daily, monthly or yearly price like the currency… they are less headache to keep compared to currency… but currency can make you rich or poor in short period… don’t have to wait for 30 years… πŸ˜› OK, I will make up my decision later… probably not going to commit any of them at the end… πŸ˜†

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Super portable notebook but without the mini card

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A friend has been playing FoRex… or currency trading… online for sometimes.

Recently he withdrew his profit of about USD$1000… which comes to RM3,500 after converting it to the ringgit.

With that amount of profit, he bought a Sony VIAO P notebook… so that he can do his forex trading anytime on the road. I do like the Sony VAIO P coz its screen is only 8 inch… very small and lightweight.

But the only drawback is it doesn’t have a built-in cellular mini card so that SIM card can be inserted directly onto it instead of using the external cellular modem through the USB port.

If it comes with the build-in cellular mini card, it will definitely defeat the rest of the super portable notebook in the market… hopefully Sony and the other notebook manufacturers will integrate the cellular mini card into their notebook as soon as possible… the demand is there… then soon everyone will ask for a WiMax mini card!!!


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