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Canon or Sony?

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Canon or Sony?… You must be thinking I’m having problem deciding what camera to choose right?… But NO, I’m not talking about camera… I’m comparing dlp projector for small conference room…. about 25′ x 30′.

The projector must be able to be mounted up-side-down from the ceiling… its going to be permanent on the ceiling so that there is no issue about borrowing and configuring it every time there is an event in the conference room. Anyways, I have not decided yet… 😛

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don’t get stress

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This week was a very hectic week… have to chase everything… I only left with a day tomorrow before I go for a long break… I have to complete loads of letters… documents… documentations… network designs… 😛

Sony PS3And the worst part, all the big shots and important staff in the office are not around for the past two days… they are having conference and seminar… two events at two locations for two days… and I really need to complete my work… I need their signatures… comments… dang I just hope they all come back tomorrow and don’t take leave… else I will not enjoy my trip… Only one more day tomorrow for me to settle all my work before I fly on Saturday… So tonight, I don’t want to stress out… I want to forget about these for a while… I just want to relax… don’t want to think about all these… I’m going to the gym… errr nope… I went last night… so tonight I just want to play games… wish I have Sony PS3 or Xbox 360 to play games on the big LCD TV… My nephews also have been pestering me to buy them a Sony PSP… I myself also need one PSP… 😛

I’m going home now… need to buy something for my aquarium… the thingy to suck out water… donno what is the name… siphon  I think… I have not change my aquarium water for more than a month… lucky the water filter is good… 😀

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Super portable notebook but without the mini card

cellular, currency, forex, gsm, mini card, notebook, portable, Sony, vaio

A friend has been playing FoRex… or currency trading… online for sometimes.

Recently he withdrew his profit of about USD$1000… which comes to RM3,500 after converting it to the ringgit.

With that amount of profit, he bought a Sony VIAO P notebook… so that he can do his forex trading anytime on the road. I do like the Sony VAIO P coz its screen is only 8 inch… very small and lightweight.

But the only drawback is it doesn’t have a built-in cellular mini card so that SIM card can be inserted directly onto it instead of using the external cellular modem through the USB port.

If it comes with the build-in cellular mini card, it will definitely defeat the rest of the super portable notebook in the market… hopefully Sony and the other notebook manufacturers will integrate the cellular mini card into their notebook as soon as possible… the demand is there… then soon everyone will ask for a WiMax mini card!!!


Journey Around Sabah – dreaming of Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1

broken, Ericsson, iphone, journey, Sony, X1, XPERIA

OK… we are still stuck waiting for our vehicle to get into the service line… we are trying to jump queue since the service centre is fully booked… we are trying to get inside contacts to get into the line… wish us luck…

While waiting and hoping for that… I just want to share my experience with iPhone…

Apple iPhone created a craze around the globe when it was launched… although the size is quite huge, it still not bad when holds on your palm. I have the chance to play with iPhone recently when my boss asked me to configure its WiFi and his email in the iPhone.

I’m reluctant to accept iPhone… because why should I change since I have been using Windows Mobile PDA phone for more than 2 years and it serve fine with me… first with HP iPAQ HW6965 then HTC TyTN II… both with real keyboard and not with software keyboard. iPhone is using software keyboard.

Maneuvering the menu at first is quite difficult… must get use to the sliding thingy although I’ve tried the slider or shift in the HTC before but I’m just not comfortable with it. The iPhone response is fast… yea very fast!.. very impressive… much more responsive than my Windows Mobile PDA phones.

The 5 megapixels camera is super clear… the quality is as good as my Sony DSC-T200 8 megapixels camera. Holding the iPhone is very confortable… the width is just nice… and the thickness is thin… yes so thin with such power under its hood.

At the beginning iPhone and also other model of phones are locked to some operator only. But today, unlocked cell phones are easily available. Unlocked cell phones are much better than locked since you can do more things with it… and you can sell it back easier at higher price. You can have unlocked iPhone here in KK, but most of the time the seller will say it is ‘under water’ phone… meaning the phones are smuggle in and you will not get proper warranty.

With all the great things about iPhone, although after having fun with it for a couple of hours… I still prefer to continue using Windows Mobile PDA phone… and my next dream phone is the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1.

Wow… manage write that long post… with all the stress but with freedom from office work 😀

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