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la flor dominicana double ligero

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If you see someone huge, fat, surrounded with lots of young girls and puffing endless la flor dominicana double ligero cigars… that guy probably has deep pocket… a very rich man… or a mafiaso god father.

Talking about money… usually we see rich people smoke cigar… but I’m not really gonna talk about cigar coz that scene we normally see on movie… yea, I’m imagining a huge fat Italian mafia godfather smoking cigar in a restaurant eating pizza… πŸ˜€ OK back to money talk… everything needs money… but how to get lots of money?… last week, I was somehow was re-introduced with forex market… buying and selling money which you don’t have… they are all virtual.

Although they are virtual, you can actually make or lose your real money… but if you do very well in forex trading, you can get tons of money… so, I wanted to try it again… the last time I tried it, I lost some money… hopefully this time I will make some… and can start smoking cigar… but wait, I hate smokers… πŸ˜›

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Super portable notebook but without the mini card

cellular, currency, forex, gsm, mini card, notebook, portable, Sony, vaio

A friend has been playing FoRex… or currency trading… online for sometimes.

Recently he withdrew his profit of about USD$1000… which comes to RM3,500 after converting it to the ringgit.

With that amount of profit, he bought a Sony VIAO P notebook… so that he can do his forex trading anytime on the road. I do like the Sony VAIO P coz its screen is only 8 inch… very small and lightweight.

But the only drawback is it doesn’t have a built-in cellular mini card so that SIM card can be inserted directly onto it instead of using the external cellular modem through the USB port.

If it comes with the build-in cellular mini card, it will definitely defeat the rest of the super portable notebook in the market… hopefully Sony and the other notebook manufacturers will integrate the cellular mini card into their notebook as soon as possible… the demand is there… then soon everyone will ask for a WiMax mini card!!!


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