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More expensive clothing for the holiday season :(

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It seems that, this year holiday season gonna be a little bit expensive… it is all because there is a surge in the price of cotton and yarn… so, consumers will have to pay more for new clothes on this coming Christmas and New Year… 😛

The worldwide shortage of raw materials for textiles and garments such as cotton and yarn with higher demand for the coming holiday season has pushed the materials prices up. According to Malaysia Textile Manufacturers Association’s CEO Mr Andrew Hong, prices for raw materials had surged 25% to 40% in the past two months.

So, getting new cloths and gifts this time around will be expensive… will there be less new cloths and gifts for families this year?… 😛 I hope not… if that do happen, other type of gifts will be still the same… so maybe less cloths but more on non-textiles stuff like the anniversary gift ideas at Personal Creations.

OK, what causes the textiles prices increased in the past two months? Blame it to the worldwide weather!!!… the flooding in cotton-producing countries like China, India, United State, Pakistan and Brazil had caused the serious worldwide shortage of the raw materials.

So, there goes my dream Adidas clothing… won’t be able to buy new sports apparels this season… 😛

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Go Gym or Go Climb?

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Every sport has its rules and apparel. Even gym has special apparel if you want to enter gym… everything is commercialized… which translate to money.

A friend was asking me to join him at the new gym at City Mall. The gym is actually as old as the City Mall itself… was it like one year? Anyway, the previous owner some how ‘cheated’ a lot of members, so it went ‘bankrupt’. Early this year the gym was taken over by a new management. Membership is not that cheap… like RM1,200 a year or so… but don’t want to join yet… I want to do ‘walk-in’ first… pay every time go there.

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