Last Friday I received a package from Dalit Bay Golf and Country Club for renewing my membership there for another year. I renewed my membership in January 2009.

Every membership will be given a package. My package was ready since February but I do not have the time to collect the package at the Club House in Tuaran… A friend collected it for me from the Club House which shows that I have not played until today since my last game somewhere around 4th quarter of last year.

There are few things inside the package… club by-laws, club rules & regulations, golf cap, car sticker, golf shirt and an envelope.

The shirt is size L, not my size… I have to exchange it coz if I were to wear it, it going to be a body-fit kind of shirt. Hope they have the big big size coz last year they run out of the big big size and I end up keeping the L size shirt.

Inside the envelope, it feels like there is a gift card inside. When I open it, the content is actually a membership card… new membership card with beautiful picture on it. This year the card really look neat compared to the previous year which is very plain.

Next, I have to fully utilize my membership… but it looks like I will be playing much lesser this year… 😛