There was a news from Singapore about grouper fish yesterday… it was reported that a restaurant in Singapore has bought a male grouper fish from Sabah. I can’t recall how much the restaurant paid for the fish, but the news is not just about the fish… but what inside the fish’s belly.

The restaurant manage to collect a kilogram of sperm from the belly of the male grouper… and it was valued a few thousand dollars… but the restaurant is not selling the sperm alone for a quick bucks yet. It is believed that consuming the fish sperm will bring lots of benefits… good health, sex libido… 😛 Sound disgusting… but some do consume weird stuffs… if consuming fish sperm is good, I think using the fish sperm as face cream will makes skin healthy, smooth, wrinkle free… 😆 So ladies, the next time you go to the market, make sure you buy a male fish with loads of sperms in it… 😆

According to the restaurant, a kilogram of sperm can make 80 bowls of sperm soup :O and the price for a bowl of sperm soup is almost 200 dollars :O so if you calculate that, that will turn about 16,000 dollars :O Not bad for selling sperm 😛