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Gets tired easily lately… this week alone, I took a short nap during lunch time in the office for a few times… I just can’t  stop my eyes closing after having lunch. Probably getting older or it’s time to get some break… Last week I have to see a doctor for my wheezing lung during the night.

I told the doctor it has been going on for almost 3 weeks… he was quite alarmed with it… 3 weeks is too long he said coz when the body can’t handle the pain anymore, it will stressed the heart big time… the heart will have to work harder… when I think of it, he is right man… well, he is a doctor anyway… but yes, it sound very convincing… it just plain logic… the heart need to pump more blood when we are sick…

He asked me if I feel tired… well, I did not give a straight answer… I just said, I think so coz I usually sleep late… 😛  So, that is one reason I’m feeling fatigue… tired… coz my heart need to work harder… for the past 3 weeks… so he gave me four types of pills… and I have to take 7 pills all together at one time. When I take the pills… I feel like I’m a guinea pig… a test subject, something like prototype 37 c subject 😛

Frankly I really don’t like to take medicine… when the doctor asked me why I did not come earlier, I told him I wanted to fight it naturally… without drugs… he just smile… sarcastically… 😛 But the bonus… which I feel happy although I’m not sure how it really calculated is my blood pressure… the doctor said my BP is in good shape… 😀

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sperm soup

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There was a news from Singapore about grouper fish yesterday… it was reported that a restaurant in Singapore has bought a male grouper fish from Sabah. I can’t recall how much the restaurant paid for the fish, but the news is not just about the fish… but what inside the fish’s belly.

The restaurant manage to collect a kilogram of sperm from the belly of the male grouper… and it was valued a few thousand dollars… but the restaurant is not selling the sperm alone for a quick bucks yet. It is believed that consuming the fish sperm will bring lots of benefits… good health, sex libido… 😛 Sound disgusting… but some do consume weird stuffs… if consuming fish sperm is good, I think using the fish sperm as face cream will makes skin healthy, smooth, wrinkle free… 😆 So ladies, the next time you go to the market, make sure you buy a male fish with loads of sperms in it… 😆

According to the restaurant, a kilogram of sperm can make 80 bowls of sperm soup :O and the price for a bowl of sperm soup is almost 200 dollars :O so if you calculate that, that will turn about 16,000 dollars :O Not bad for selling sperm 😛

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is there an anti itchy jab?

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Do you know that scratching you body parts too much will cause wrinkles on you face?… Yea it sound funny, but that is what I think will happen… coz when you do scratching, your face will tighten… coz you are enjoying the nice feeling of scratching… 😛

Scratch … scratch… scratch… like no more tomorrow… and your face looks so ugly when you are scratching like mad man… 😆

I guess I’m getting all kind of wrinkle on my body nowadays… wrinkle on my face… wrinkle on my palms… wrinkle on my soles… wrinkles everywhere… 😛 Maybe it is time for me to get and anti wrinkle serum jab… especially on my itchy palms and soles… 😛 When are these itchy… itchy… itchy… on my palms and soles goes away?…

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