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August was the busiest month… not busy of work but family affairs and personal stuff. I’ve taken 5 days leave in August alone… that is way too much than usual…

During the month of August, there were two family wedding receptions… first was my brother’s on the 8th and then my cousin’s on the 29th.

For my brother’s wedding reception, I guess there was no choice but to be fully involved… 😛 all the way up to the stage.

And lucky it was only reception since they have married in church last year outside the country…

As for my cousin’s, involved for the hall preparations… you know… carry chairs… carry tables… more on physical kind of work… and during the reception which started at 6pm, I turn myself as a bar tender… a bar tender who doesn’t know how to take liqour 😛


Well it was fun handling the alcohol when you yourself don’t like to drink it… Me, brothers and cousins was handling the hard liquor and drinking water… and other brothers and cousins handle the beer… handling the beer is much more easier than handling the hard liquor and the drinking water… the request for the drinking water was non-stop… way before the reception started because we need to provide drinking water to everyone especially to those fasting for their breaking fast at around 6.30pm.


Then there are also futsal games… which I have not played… either I watch only or never go at all… friends must be mad at me… 😛 they have started using their new futsal shoe… but mine, it still wrapped in plastic and kept inside the refrigerator… 😆 Then there are birthday parties… 😛

Updating facebook… 😀

Wokay… now, it’s time to recover… there are many works to be done… in the office and home… but because I took so many leave… I feel like not going back to work… I just feel lazy… I just don’t feel like working… I don’t like waking up early in the morning… I wish I strike the jackpot and don’t have to go to work any more… just travel around the world… eat… and sleep… 😛

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Arrested for resolving an argument

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A woman in Fairfield, Connecticut, US, had an argument with her husband. She wanted to resolve the argument but was not successful. The husband went to bed and falls asleep… probably too tired with the argument.

The wife got an idea on how to resolve the argument. She took a handcuff and put it on herself and to her sleeping husband. She hope by doing so, the husband can’t get away and reconcile their differences.

But when the husband woke up, he was not happy with what the wife did, so he called the police. The wife got mad and started hitting and biting the husband on the arms and torso. Luckily she did not bite her husband’s ‘tool’. If she did bite off his ‘tool’, it will be catastrophic and too late even if you wish you had term insurance for that ‘tool’. He will be handicap even if the doctor is able to reattach back his organ. And imagine if she chew and swallow his organ!!!

Anyway, the police on the other end of the phone heard the fighting and dispatch a patrol car to the house. The police have to force their way into the room. Guess what else she did… she changed the bedroom door’s lock!!!

She was charged for assault, disorderly conduct, reckless endangerment and unlawful restraint. But she was released on a $400 bond… not sure who bail her out… probably the husband. If the husband did, that’s mean she was successful in resolving their argument 😀


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