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I’m back…

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OK, this blog is still alive…  yeah, the last post is three months ago! I do feel guilty for not updating this blog for that long… 😛

I can’t give any other excuse other than lazy for not posting any update for the past three months.

I guess I have to pick up again just like before… where I was able to post two or at least one post each week.

OK for a start, let’s talk about what’s happening right now… right now I’m in KL… in my hotel room to be exact… I was here since last Sunday, 17th November, to attend Hacker Halted Asia Pacific 2012. I’m going back tomorrow, 23rd November… oh, it’s already past 12 midnight… so I’m actually going back today… 😀

Two weeks ago I was here too… from 6th to 9th November, for a study tour. But there was a twist on the final day… instead of going back to KK, I detoured to Langkawi to watch the World Cup Asia Paintball 2012. I went back on 12th November.

Langkawi is a Duty Free Island… I supposed to be able to do some shopping… but it was unfortunate I only carry my small luggage… coz my big luggage went missing… not my fault but Asiana Airlines… but they did compensate me with cash. So I did not do much shopping in Langkawi.

Anyway, before my trip this time, I bought a bag back in KK… not mens briefcases but a big luggage… in fact it is the same as the missing luggage… I just love the luggage coz it is a heavy duty luggage.

OK, I’m getting sleepy now… it is 1.15am… I better stop here…


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No holiday

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Everybody started taking year end leave already… everybody are going for vacation… but for those whose duties are to make sure the systems runs well at all time will hardly get those luxury 😛

And I really hate it when some people don’t understand that doing important support job is a stressful job… we can’t just leave things behind… and this ‘people’ simply call for unnecessary meetings… for the sake of trying to complete their own unimportant work… if the lame meeting is not conducted this year, no account will be unclosed you see… but when system don’t work, the whole administration and accounting will collapse… I think the luggage sets I bought in KL during WCA last month will not be going anyway soon… probably till next year… 😛


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