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So many empty boxes occupying space in our office… including inside my room. Every time we throw away the old empty boxes, new boxes will come… some of the boxes are made of good quality papers…high quality cardboard… especially those boxes for expensive electronics like laser printers. Sometimes staff from other sections comes to our place asking for empty boxes… sometimes the reasons are like… moving house… transferred… so need lots of boxes for their stuffs… but so far nobody said they want to use it as shipping box… yea, those high quality boxes are suitable for packaging fragile stuff… and very suitable for shipping… 😛 Anyway, usually there are ‘re-cycling papers’ people who come to collect the boxes… yea, good for the environment 😀

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we are full of boxes

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Every year we collects piles of boxes… these boxes are packaging box for all the things we bought this year…. they are packaging box for electronic stuffs. And these boxes are not the normal box… they are thick and strong used as shipping boxes… strong enough to be thrown into the airplane cargo belly…


So, from time to time, our office will reserve some days before we go back home to arrange all the boxes piled in our training room cum store room cum multipurpose room 😛

Usually some of us will take back some of the boxes which can be used at home… For the rest of the boxes, we throw it to a re-cycling center… 😀

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