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So many empty boxes occupying space in our office… including inside my room. Every time we throw away the old empty boxes, new boxes will come… some of the boxes are made of good quality papers…high quality cardboard… especially those boxes for expensive electronics like laser printers. Sometimes staff from other sections comes to our place asking for empty boxes… sometimes the reasons are like… moving house… transferred… so need lots of boxes for their stuffs… but so far nobody said they want to use it as shipping box… yea, those high quality boxes are suitable for packaging fragile stuff… and very suitable for shipping… 😛 Anyway, usually there are ‘re-cycling papers’ people who come to collect the boxes… yea, good for the environment 😀

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Small gathering in our multipurpose room

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Last week, 16 December 2009, our small office… a small branch of a big department had a small gathering among us… it was a 3 in 1 celebration.

First, to celebrate one of our staff achievements who received an excellent award this year… second to celebrate our boss and another colleague belated birthday… and third to thank our two trainee, college students, who have been with us for the past six months.

We had our small party in our multipurpose room… a training room, a store room, a meeting room… it can be any room you like it to be anytime… 😀 we don’t have much office furniture inside the room but probably you might say it is full of junk if you see what inside the room… 😛

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Back to office… need more than what it takes…

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Long public holiday is over… it’s time to go back to work… since Wednesday. But after a long break… four days altogether for last week and five days for the previous week… going back to work is a very hard thing to do…

Sleeping and waking up late are more fun… no worries.

Roaming around doing nothing also fun to do… no worries… no hurry… no datelines… no meeting…

Well, work is work… no job, no monies… so what ever the hassle I have to go through every morning and throughout the day… I still have to face them… 🙁 I need to eat… I need salary to buy foods… 😛

In the office, after leaving it for sometimes, there are many things to be done… everything are piling up… reading emails… replying emails… attending meetings… troubleshooting… ordering office supplies… completing reports… completing systems…

I wish I strike a jackpot and don’t have to work for the rest of my life… 😆 just travel around the world… vacations throughout the year… after year… 😀

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Office Junks

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For the past two weeks, our office was trying to clean up and rearranging the office. There were zillions of old stuff and junks… one might wonder how it came into this situation…

Well, when you are dealing with maintenance… especially IT maintenance… sometimes it is very hard just to throw away junks… the junks might not be usable anymore, but there are important parts inside it which can be used as spare parts.

And spare parts… especially for old junks are very hard to find… u  might not even able to buy it… coz it might no longer in the market… or no longer in production… obsolete… extinct… dinosaur…

So here we are, trying to use the 5S system… you know the Japanese’s 5S… Seiri, Seiso, Seiketsu & Shitsuke… translate that into English… well some say it is… Sort, Set, Shine, Standardize & Sustain… or… Sort, Systematize, Shining, Standardize & Self-Discipline.

I manage to run away from doing the ‘gotong-royong’ last week, starting from Wednesday because I went outstation to Sandakan until Friday 😆

But looking at the whole situation… I think we do not have enough office furniture like cabinets or drawers to keep all this old stuffs and junks… that’s why we end up just piling it up into the store room until there is no more space… it was not arrange properly, so they occupied more space.

Well, hopefully we can sustain or self-discipline our self doing this 5S thingy… 😀

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Quality Day with Ball Bearings Gel

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Today is Quality Day for our department. This is the day where awards are given to those who deserve it. The recipients are chosen base on their contribution which is something extra or more than the usual in their work or extraordinary… but sometimes it is hard to tell… very subjective.

Included is competition for best office. The best organized office will definitely win. But for me, this is very subjective too. How do you compare between offices which is doing clerical works with office which is doing maintenance. Like my office, we are doing maintenance of ICT stuff… and there are loads of them to maintain. So our office will always be filled with ICT stuff needing maintenance in a not very big space… our office will never be empty or clean.

Anyway, we still participated in the competition. And one item which is very unique amongst the metals is some jars with plants and some balls inside it. My colleague, the ladies, put it as one of the decoration on the counter. The little orange balls look like ball bearings… but they are actually gels… orange ball bearings gel. They act as the water supply for the plants… so we don’t have to water the plant all the time… and it also replaces the soil, hence the planting is cleaner 😀


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