Watched movies back to back last night… first it was Ninja Assassin at 9.40 pm then 2012 at 11.50 pm.

It was not really planned… my body was still fatigue after the two weeks KL journey with the paintball tournament there. Although my body still says I’m tired, I still went to the gym yesterday and finished around 9.00 pm before we rushed to the cinema to find out what showing.

Then we decided to watch two movies… but after purchasing the tickets, we found out that we don’t have enough time to have dinner… and I was damm hungry after the gym!

Each of us end up eating 1901 beef burger, 5 balls of chicken balls and large popcorn plus large Pepsi… and these are not fat burner foods… but no choice coz we have no time… will burn what ever we ate tomorrow at the gym again… 😀

Ninja Assassin is full with bloods… I don’t think it’s suitable for kids.

2012 is not tat bad… makes you think… but I was falling asleep in some part coz it was already midnight… the movie over around 2.15 am…