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2D movie???

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Last Wednesday, 11 August, attended the IBM Meet The Experts Workshop at Hyatt Kota Kinabalu… 😛 Out of the 6 topics presented, only 2 woke me up… I was struggling with my eyes for the other topics… non-technical thingy… just about business… 😛

The workshop ended a little bit early… coz no one ask question… 😛 So, me and colleague decided to watch movie next door… at GSC Suria. We watched SALT… but as you all noticed lately, the in-thing nowadays is 3D…   3D movie, 3D LCD TV, 3D video camera… everything also 3D… even 3D porno… 😛

But what we encountered in the cinema is something you never seen in any tv reviews… yes, I don’t think it was ever mentioned in any of the Hollywood tv’s channels… ok let’s cut the craps… what we encountered was 2D movie!!! We were like… what the heck!!!… so all this while are we watching 1D movies??? how about the one in the televisions??? izzit 1D too???

The thing is, the cinema is showing two types of SALT movie… one is with 2D and one is without… so we have to choose SALT or SALT 2D… 😛

We asked the ticket counter what is the difference?… he said the 2D is slightly expensive… well it was RM2 more expensive the one without 2D… and the 2D is much more clearer!!!… boommmm… that’s what you called 2D???… shoot man… why can’t you just call it HD or something other than 2D??? since it is only RM2 difference, we venture into trying it out… 😛

So, was it worth to pay extra RM2??? Our personal answer is YES!!! The movie is much sharper and rich in color… no blurring.. no fading color… it was just like watching DVD on LCD TV or plasma TV at home!!! So, it was worth-it… but I just can’t accept the term they use… HD will be more suitable…


Back to Back Movies

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Watched movies back to back last night… first it was Ninja Assassin at 9.40 pm then 2012 at 11.50 pm.

It was not really planned… my body was still fatigue after the two weeks KL journey with the paintball tournament there. Although my body still says I’m tired, I still went to the gym yesterday and finished around 9.00 pm before we rushed to the cinema to find out what showing.

Then we decided to watch two movies… but after purchasing the tickets, we found out that we don’t have enough time to have dinner… and I was damm hungry after the gym!

Each of us end up eating 1901 beef burger, 5 balls of chicken balls and large popcorn plus large Pepsi… and these are not fat burner foods… but no choice coz we have no time… will burn what ever we ate tomorrow at the gym again… 😀

Ninja Assassin is full with bloods… I don’t think it’s suitable for kids.

2012 is not tat bad… makes you think… but I was falling asleep in some part coz it was already midnight… the movie over around 2.15 am…

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Where got ghost? Leak only… everywhere…

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On Wednesday, immediately after the MCSE class, 5 of us rush to 1Borneo to catch the Where Got Ghost? movie…

The movie has been on show for sometimes… we have been planning to watch this movie since a couple of weeks ago… but timing always not right.

So this time, we make sure we go coz we worried it will be removed from the show soon.

When the others were talking about it before, I thought it was an English movie… I did not bother to check it on the web… So, I was shocked when it started with Chinese character… But the movie is not bad at all… instead of getting scared, I was laughing all the way with all the stupid funny ghost story they have… there are actually 3 different ghost stories in the movie.

After the movie, I went into the 1Borneo toilet… washroom. I think everyone know this 1Borneo has a bad quality in workmanship. The ceilings are leaking… the tiles are popping out and falling down… since the first day it was open.

The toilet has a great gadget… for guys, while leaking into the bowl they can watch some TV or video shows on the LCD screen on each of the pee bowl.

But they are all broken now… some covered with card board… probably the LCDs has been cracked… punched or smashed by some hooligan…

The only sparkling there is the floor… during the night, when there is no more people, only us going out from the cinema, the floor is sparkling like a glass tile… maybe it is marble tiles, but not sure if it marble or just a cheap floor tiles…

And talking about one leak… 1Borneo nick name is 1Bocor or 1Leak coz it leak and broken everywhere… 😛

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GI Joe – The Rise of Cobra

gi joe, movie

Tonite it’s going to be GI Joe’s night…

LOOK… That’s 20 tickets of GI Joe – The Rise of Cobra for tonight show 😀

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The X-Files exposed


I want to believe, but I’m too scared… I think I was abducted by alien when I was still a kid.

woooraittt… to all X-Files cult out there, it looks like there will be a new X-Files movie.

The film is due out in July 25, 2008… so watch out!!!

Some of the details… Scully’s son, William, has supernatural power…

Maybe William will have supernatural power like the Heroes… or better.

We will wait and see…


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