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Happy Chinese New Year

2008, cny

Gosh… it has been 7 days since my last entry. Well, I was kind of busy… and lazy to write anything although there are so many things I want to blog about. I will post them slowly… later…

Anyway, Happy Chinese New Year to ALL of you out there.

As for me, I’m hoping the RAT will bring loads of good health and prosperity to me… same goes to you all, I wish the RAT year will bring us loads of good health and prosperity… and enjoy life more 😀


Online Advertising Getting Stiff in 2008?

2008, advertising, blog

Looks like the year of 2008 will be going to show some competition among the online advertisers especially around this region. Some bloggers have to remove some of the competing advertiser on their blog. For me, I have to choose which advertiser will bring me more money. I end up removing a couple of advertisers on all my blogs last night. It sound unfair but I need to buy food you know… and I eat a lot 😀

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’08 Fireworks

2008, fireworks

This is the final series of ’08. Two of the launching cylinder exploded… Yep, the ‘granide’ exploded on ground… the red car is one of the vitim 😀 Luckily no damage. More of the fireworks photo at Snapshots Shutterbomb.

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’08 Gooo…

2008, fire crackers, fireworks

 2008 greeted with firecrackers…


Launching 3 fireworks at the same time… which kinda hard coz the fuse are not burning at the same speed… and of course the burner ‘semangat’ also not the same… LOL

Double explosions… really lighted up the sky 😀 More of it in next post… 😛

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’08 Minutes Before 2008

2008, fire crackers

About 10 minutes before 2008, getting ready to bomb and light up the sky…

Getting ready with the fire crackers…


The two 8 feet firecrackers hanging on bamboo, ready to be lighted up… (it’s quite dark although I was using a brand new borrowed Canon 400D 😛 still learning how to use it tat time) Tomorrow, I will post photos on how the sky was lighted up… 😀

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’08 The BBQ

2008, bbq

Wadda smell?… Wats cooking?… 😀

The chicken wings… the fish…

The fish… click for more photos…

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’08 The Fireworks’ Explosive

2008, fireworks

This is the box of the fireworks… each box contain 8 grenades… 3 boxes all together 😉

The warning label… they miss one, it should add another instruction ‘to burry the launching cylinder’. Imagine what would happen if suddenly the cylinder falls down towards the house after the fuse ignited!!!

The explosions sample… but they don’t guarantee it will turn out like that 🙁


’08 The Fireworks Launching Test

2008, fireworks

Five days into 2008… or the fist week of 2008 is over… although works are still piling at the office for closing accounts, etc… at least got time to edit and post some pictures today.

The first series is about the preparations for fireworks ‘gala’ at home 😀 … the fireworks launching test!

This is the launching cylinder made of hard paper or card-board. It is slightly more than one and a half feet tall and three inches in diameter. For safety, although it has the base for it to stand, it is better to bury the base… firm! From previous year’s experience, leaving it free standing is not a good idea. The thing which looks like a grenade with a tail is the explosive… the fireworks. Put it inside the cylinder… never put the ‘grenade’ upside-down or ‘terbalik’… else you will see heaven on earth 😀 The tail is the fuse… I think it is not long enough for those ‘kurang semangat’ LOL

This is how it looks like after burring some 2 inches of the launching cylinder. And the ‘take off moment’… lucky I manage to capture that… the results?… Waaaait… we need commercial breaks for now 😀


Happy New Year 2008

2008, new year

Happy New Year 2008
May all your wishes come true and let’s wish for a better and peaceful world.


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