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Do you know what is Fenphedrine?… NO?… me too… 😛

I was googling when I saw this fenphedrine reviews in one of the suggestions. So I click it to see the reviews… It turnout fenphendrine which sound almost like pen drive, is actually diet pills. It’s a fat burner and also to help control appetite… definitely not for me… I will not control my appetite… I need food all the time… 😛 People said I’m fat but I’m less then 100kg… 😀

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free sea weed testing?

appetite suppressant, dried sea weed, sea weed

Sea weed contains high nutritional values… and we talk about see week, Japan is the biggest consumer… and that’s where most of the dried sea weed comes from… and of course it is one of the important ingredient in sushi making… to wrap the rice rolls.

Dried sea weed also very high in magnesium, vitamin and iron…  probably the best appetite suppressant for women 😀 These nutritional values are good for preventing diabetes and heart attacks. It also contains very high with riboflavin and niacin… a good supplement to promote fast tissue regeneration or tissue repair.

I like eating sea weed… usually sold in packets in the supermarket. But the other day at the City Mall’s Giant supermarket, I saw something disturbing… someone has tear one of the sea weed packet… probably to taste on it for free… 😛 ermm… should I do the same?… 😛

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