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nescafe breakfast body partner

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Some people drink coffee to stay awake… me, I don’t need anything… I can stay awake anytime… unless I’m too tired… That’s why I always stay awake late… but nowadays I try to force myself to sleep before 12.00am.

But it’s hard to fall asleep when you are so used to staying late… and it’s easy to identify those who don’t have enough sleep… usually they have panda eyes… 😀 You don’t know what is Panda Eyes?… well that is the black or blue-black thingy around your eyes… this dark eye circles always appears when you don’t have enough sleep… 😛 If you have it, get enough sleep coz you are lacking of sleep.

nescafe breakfast body partner

OK back to coffee thingy… I don’t like drinking coffee… coz it makes my pee smell coffee… 😛 especially Nescafe… but I found out there is Nescafe which don’t make my pee smelly… it’s a premix coffee called Body Partner Nescafe Breakfast… try it… it really don’t have that thick coffee smell… it has mixture of taste… milk… oat… sweet… 😛


Fix with coffee but still sleepy…

alert, coffee, espresso, nespresso, sleepy, tired

It’s 2.30pm and it’s raining… yesterday was public holiday…

Has been sleeping all the time since yesterday… too lazy to do anything… just eat, watch tv and sleep…

Tried to do some light exercise but it doesn’t help… maybe I will go gym this evening…

Tried drinking coffee… although I don’t like coffee… doesn’t help either… tried pure Nescafe and Nescafe 3 in 1… same thing… tried espresso or was it Nespresso which I ‘tapau’ from Melia Hotel two weeks ago… no kick… still sleepy… even while watching tv can fall asleep… 😛

Donno wats wrong with me… probably took too much holiday… almost 3 weeks of holiday… and paintball too…

Tomorrow is Sunday, probably sleep some more… 😛

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Journey around Sabah – Kota Kinablau to Sandakan

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Last Wednesday, 19 August 2009, I went to our branch office in Sandakan to fix their network. Their network has been acting weird since it was struck by lightning.

We, me and two colleagues, took the road instead of flying to Sandakan. I’m getting fade up flying because you have to stick to the flight schedule and you can’t carry many gears on board.

By driving, time is in your control and able to carry more gears… and of course mobility.

I was looking forward to the journey since my last journey was at the end of last year… by road too 😀

I feel very fresh when we left Sandakan on that morning. The journey is about 400km and will take about 6 hours. Depending on traffic volume, the journey can be reduced to 4 hours.

There are many big lorries and buses travelling along the Kota Kinabalu – Sandakan road, so most of the time if there are convoys of lorries or buses, we have to tail along… especially when overtaking is hard and climbing hills.

During the journey, we did not stop anyway and we travel at moderate speed… we don’t want to rush… rushing is dangerous.

Since we did not stop anyway, we skipped our lunch and immediately checked into Kesington Hotel at Bandar Maju, Sandakan, around 4.00 PM.

We were so hungry… after unloading our gears into our rooms, we went out for food. We end up eating at Pizza Hut… lame… After our late lunch, we went back to our room and try to have a short rest before dinner.

I joined a few friends for dinner around 8.00 pm… seafood dinner. Here, the seafood is damm bloody cheap… you can eat prawn, fish, etc… as much as you can… you can have anything from the sea… you name it… they have it… and they are bloody cheap… like 50% cheaper than Kota Kinabalu!!!… and they are also damm bloody fresh… the taste of fresh seafood is heavenly… it just so good to chew… better than the Japanese food at Usagi in Karamunsing…

Anyway, came back yesterday and arrived home around 5.00 pm… usually I don’t feel tired when travelling… but I was so tired yesterday… I took a short nap before I went to the MCSE class around 6.30 PM…

Usually I will stay alert during my journey while snapping photos from inside the vehicle… in fact I sleep enough the night before… even took two packets of 3in1 Nescafe… I actually don’t take coffee… only tea… but I took it anyway, but still I feel so tired during the journey… Maybe I should have taken stronger coffee like Capresso… but every time I take coffee, my pee will smell like coffee after that 😛 that’s why I don’t like coffee.

The short nap I had before class was enough for me to attend the class and continue with movie… District 9… around 9.50 PM last night 😛

Anyway, gonna get some more rest today… or do more other stuff…


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