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panda eyes

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O yeah panda eyes… this is what you get when sleeping late every day… black circle around your eyes as if you just received a blow on your face… right on your eye.. 😛 Some may think you are wearing makeup… eye shadows?… and to some very conscious ‘ladies’, they will use under eye cream to hide those black circles… 😛 but that cream will not hide your sleepy eyes… 😛

Anyway, lack of sleep not only gives you dark circles around your eyes, it gives you blurry vision… trying to stay awake and staying late is not good to your vision… you see, when you sleep late, your eyes tend to get blurry… and this blurry thingy can go on until midday or more… and it can cause migraine 😛 So get enough sleep if you a healthy visions 😀

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i need to recharge

brand's, essence of chicken, health, lack of sleep, multiple vitamin, sleep, vitamin

For the past few days, has been sleeping very late… 2am… 3am… 4am… 😛 Feel lazy to sleep I guess… I was just sitting in front of the notebook… surfing… and surfing to nowhere… 😛

Because of sleeping late for four days continuously, lack of sleep has weaken all my body system… I feel like walking on air right now… and I’m started sneezing a lot… and when I sneeze a lot, that’s the sign my immune system has gone down… I guess the 1000mg  Vitamin C I take every day need to be boosted with multiple vitamin and supplement foods so that I can re-stabilize my body immune system… 😛

But I think I should take some BRAND’S Essence of Chicken first to regenerate my lost energy… and because it’s very tasty and gives me appetite to eat more… 😀

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