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i need to recharge

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For the past few days, has been sleeping very late… 2am… 3am… 4am… 😛 Feel lazy to sleep I guess… I was just sitting in front of the notebook… surfing… and surfing to nowhere… 😛

Because of sleeping late for four days continuously, lack of sleep has weaken all my body system… I feel like walking on air right now… and I’m started sneezing a lot… and when I sneeze a lot, that’s the sign my immune system has gone down… I guess the 1000mg  Vitamin C I take every day need to be boosted with multiple vitamin and supplement foods so that I can re-stabilize my body immune system… 😛

But I think I should take some BRAND’S Essence of Chicken first to regenerate my lost energy… and because it’s very tasty and gives me appetite to eat more… 😀

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Lucky Dog :D

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This is the year of the Tiger… and I was born in the year of Dog… and I’m proud to be DOG… coz when u reverse the word it becomes GOD… hahahaha…

Anyway, this is what Lilian Too of World of Feng Shui Boutiques says about people born in the year of the Dog for this year….

The Dog enjoys the Luck of Small Auspicious, which means there will be a series of small but meaningful reason to celebrate through the year… emmm I’m going to strike the big Jackpot this year 😆 …  There may not be anything earth-shattering, but in a variety of small ways, you have reason to smile. The year will be kind, as the Tiger is your ally, but your intrinsic energy is weak, so success may be difficult to achieve… emmmm…  maybe the Dogs needs the best vitamin for men this year 😀

OK, that are some of what she said… there are many but I’m worried if I put it down here, I will start buying all her feng shui stuffs…

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