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Paint Ball at Karambunai Lagoon Park

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Yesterday, Saturday… 3rd October 2009, I help my friend to take photos for their paint ball game at Karambunai Lagoon Park… the lagoon is part of the Karambunai Resort. The park has many extensive sport and recreational activities… kayaking, water skiing, mangrove cruise and many more… will talk about that next time 😀

This is my second time covering a paint ball game… the first one was in April for the same friend for their woodsball game at KKIP.

Last time it was held in an open space area… a site for constructing building. This time it is held in woods next to the sea… at the lagoon 😀

It is quite difficult to take photos in the woods… especially when the players are dashing behind the woods… my camera can’t lock its focus on the player…

I reach the park a couple of minutes before 10am as promised since I have to replace my 3 years old back tires before that…


The first game started before 10.30 am with a cloudy weather… but still I got a bad sunburn on my neck and both hands 😛

The second game started before 11.50 am with a bit of cloud…

And the third game started before 1.00 pm with rain… I did not enter the arena coz I don’t have rain protection for my camera.

And the third game ended in less than 20 minutes because the players’ goggles are forging… if you never wear a paint ball mask with goggles before, let me tell you how it feels… it is hard to breath underneath it… and with the cold rain, it make the goggle fogging badly inside…

And luckily I have a ponco… a thin plastic rain coat… it was given to me by Disney when we were covering the Borneo Downhill Challenge 2009 in May.

You can either swim in the lagoon or use the shower area to clean yourself… but the shower area was quite a distance from the arena… fresh water supply?… yes they do have… in fact they have many pipes without faucets around the park… it would be nice if they have it working so that guest can clean themselves without taking a long journey to the shower area.

Anyway here are some of the photos I took… will post the full album later… after I finish editing them… 😀

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Activity for the class

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The MCSE class I’m attending on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6.00 PM to 9.30 PM is getting… errrr… interesting?

First, we have elected our class head through an electronic voting last week… well through the yahoo group voting to be more precise.

This week, there will be no class… since it is the Harvest Festival or Tadau Kaamatan on Saturday and Sunday… scared too many gets too drunk or eat too much during the festival then cannot come to class.

And since it falls on Sunday, today, Monday, is a public holiday here in Sabah. Tomorrow, Tuesday, have to go back to work… grrrrr…

Last Friday I took a day leave to give some assistant to take video for a charity cause. I was not doing it alone, a friend was doing the video thingy… and I was just snapping photos here and there 😀 Will talk about the charity next time…

OK, back to the class issues… since we have elected our class head, there are suggestions regarding doing some activities or outing other than just coming for the class. As usual, with all the ‘crazy’ students, there were some crazy suggestions.

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Woodsball aka Paint Ball at KKIP

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A friend requested for my help to snap photos for their friendly woodsball match held at one of the Kota Kinabalu Industrial Park (KKIP) construction site. It was held last Saturday, 11 April 2009.

I was assisted by another friend to take the photos and who also took some videos. We started our journey from Penampang before 7 am. We took our ngau-chap breakfast at Nyuk Pau Baru at Inanam Manggatal before continuing our journey to Mangatal Tuaran.

We actually lost our way and end up entering the Kayu Madang garbage disposal area. We were already off for 3km from the main before realizing it, but luckily we manage to reach our destination before the match started.

The place is quite nice… big open space… easy to avoid stray bullets 😀

I enjoyed taking photos of the match and looking forward for my next assignment 😀 … which I believed will be a real ‘woodsball’ match… in none other than… in the jungle lah, where else kan?… it will be somewhere in Moyog or Babagon Dam 😀 And this time, the 70-300mm F4-5.6 IS USM lens I ordered should be around… I wish I can get a faster lens though…

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