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cop unhappy, resign then throws uniform

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If you look at the policemen… some of them are way out from fit to chase crooks… they are fat with big tummy… they are just not fit for doing fast activity… well, you can’t blame the public when they said that… coz usually fat people can’t run fast… and crooks usually thin, skinny and run very fast… πŸ˜›

Anyway, I’m not going to talk about fats or fat people here… some fat people are sometimes better than those skinny people coz some fat people are way more active and fit than those who are skinny… πŸ˜›

OK, the news today about Corporal Dai Bao Xiang, a 51 years old policewoman who throws her uniform into dustbin right after she resign really caught my eyes… why?… civil servants cease their service when they reach the age of 56… pension… and this policewoman is only 5 years short from her pension… instead of taking early pension, she resign… why???

She said, she tendered her resignation letter to her superiors at the Gombak district police headquarters in Selangor on Monday becoz she is unhappy with the hectic workload and little increment. β€œThis was not a hasty decision. I had given it a serious thought,” she said.

She said she had lost 20kg since she was promoted to corporal and transferred to the Selayang police station as an enquiry section head last year… this is a good place to those overweight policemen… no need for supplements for weight loss πŸ˜€

Dai said she only received RM50 increment after her promotion, however her other wages of up to RM500 including a motorcycle allowance were discontinued… so unfair… get promoted but get pay less… β€œThat means my actual income is lower than what I had received before,’’ she told the media… πŸ˜›

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food is important

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Some people are dying to bring down their weight… when I do my exercise, I don’t really care about burning calories or bringing down my weight… it’s not really important to me… I just want to build my stamina… I’m more concern with my stamina… If you have good stamina, your size doesn’t matter…fat or thin. But of course overweight or over fat is not good. If you are fat a little bit or overweight a little bit, but able to walk 5km without problem, that’s great!!!

sample of diet pills commercialThere are some people crazy about dieting… for me dieting is only for health… not to reduce weight. Food and eating is an obligation to me πŸ˜€ When you don’t have enough food, you will get sick πŸ˜› And some goes to use pills to reduce weight… that is more damaging in my opinion. You can check the lipozene forum for example.

Diet pills are over commercialized…Β  if you are not careful, it can bring more damage to your body and health than good. So, if you are into weight loss, do your research on the pills you going to take first… it could be poison to you but not to others πŸ˜›

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oprah diet shows

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If you follows Oprah Winfrey talk show lately… you will notice that stories about overweight people or dieting programs is getting more attention. She will invite guest to her show whether to the studio or through live video chat.

As far as what I have seen so far, I don’t think she ever do any best weight loss pills review, but her guests will tell the audience Β how or what diet they have taken or gone through toΒ cut down their size and weight…

Well she probably likes or wants to help those who are overweight to go through their daily life since she was quite ‘heavy’ before… πŸ˜› And if you did not watch or missed her shows, you can check her website…

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Activity for the class

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The MCSE class I’m attending on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 6.00 PM to 9.30 PM is getting… errrr… interesting?

First, we have elected our class head through an electronic voting last week… well through the yahoo group voting to be more precise.

This week, there will be no class… since it is the Harvest Festival or Tadau Kaamatan on Saturday and Sunday… scared too many gets too drunk or eat too much during the festival then cannot come to class.

And since it falls on Sunday, today, Monday, is a public holiday here in Sabah. Tomorrow, Tuesday, have to go back to work… grrrrr…

Last Friday I took a day leave to give some assistant to take video for a charity cause. I was not doing it alone, a friend was doing the video thingy… and I was just snapping photos here and there πŸ˜€ Will talk about the charity next time…

OK, back to the class issues… since we have elected our class head, there are suggestions regarding doing some activities or outing other than just coming for the class. As usual, with all the β€˜crazy’ students, there were some crazy suggestions.

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