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i’m feeling lazy…

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This month and next month are busy months…

So many office works need to be completed… backlogs are so much… meetings here and there… to get specifications… to prepare reports… to do technical drawings… going outstations… attending courses… 😛

So many activities coming up… paintball training… paintball competitions… photography outings… donno want to go or not… 😛

So many favors need to give away… lucky no one asked for wedding favors… helping others to prepare reports… digging for information… specifications…

I don’t think I like to do all these anymore… work so hard… at the end nobody appreciate you… well, not all… but some… 😛

I need a break… I need to go for vacation… how nice if I strike the Jack Pot… nothing to worry about… just spend… do charity… travel… 😛

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other went for extended vacation, me had extended toothache

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Last night… or was it this morning… I did not manage to get a good sleep thanks to my toothache. I went to sleep around 2.30 am although my tooth was still hurting that time…

I was not able to sleep at all… I have to wake-up, go to the kitchen, put some tap water into my mouth, wait till the pain go away, throw away the water then go back to bed… before I can fall into sleep, the pain comes back again… I can’t remember how many times I did that… and I guess I only manage to sleep 4 hours or so 😛

I wake up still feeling the pain and went to work… I stop by at Kepayan Ridge’s 7-11 to buy mint gaggle liquid to kill the pain… but they don’t even have Listerine… shooot… I bought two bottle of Spritzer mineral water instead…

Hardly able to concentrate my work in the office… 😛 Others are still enjoying their outer banks vacation rentals till the end of this week… the 8 floors office building is still look deserted… I think more than 50% are still not back to work… they must have taken extended leave and went for vacation since ‘last year’… me have to work with toothache… why???… why me???… why???…

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Back to office… need more than what it takes…

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Long public holiday is over… it’s time to go back to work… since Wednesday. But after a long break… four days altogether for last week and five days for the previous week… going back to work is a very hard thing to do…

Sleeping and waking up late are more fun… no worries.

Roaming around doing nothing also fun to do… no worries… no hurry… no datelines… no meeting…

Well, work is work… no job, no monies… so what ever the hassle I have to go through every morning and throughout the day… I still have to face them… 🙁 I need to eat… I need salary to buy foods… 😛

In the office, after leaving it for sometimes, there are many things to be done… everything are piling up… reading emails… replying emails… attending meetings… troubleshooting… ordering office supplies… completing reports… completing systems…

I wish I strike a jackpot and don’t have to work for the rest of my life… 😆 just travel around the world… vacations throughout the year… after year… 😀

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My Ideal Cruise Vacation

carribean, cruise, holiday, vacation

Although I had a long weekend this week… including my two days leave on Thursday and Friday, it was not enough. I wish I can go for longer leave and go for holiday or cruise somewhere like following the Caribbean cruises.

Well, talking about cruises, to those who love to cruise, let me tell you something… you should have your very own My Ideal Cruise Vacation plan or package. Yes there are plenty of cruise packages offered by many tour agents out there.  But you need to set or pick your own My Ideal Cruise Vacation so that you will not regret after you return from your cruise vacation.

You definitely do not want to have a bad cruise vacation after saving and forking so much money for the My Ideal Cruise Vacation right?… so choose wisely.

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Let’s escape…

escape, life, rumbling, vacation

OK, I was rumblings… so how about escaping… escaping from the hectic work through Westgate for a while… that will be great right?… that will be blasting… imagine going away from the office for a while to enjoy life… to enjoy a vacation or two or more.

Yeah… why not… we are already on the other half of the year, time to go relaxing and shopping maybe 😀

Sure every one has been saving for the year end trip… ok not everyone… maybe some… some, because of the economic downturn, so not everyone going to enjoy vacation this time… but it is time to plan where to go now…

Where to go ahhh…? Island vacation? Beach vacation? City vacation plus shopping? Mountain vacation? River cruising? How about going to the desert?… still undecided… will decide where to go next time… still go plenty of time to plan… or maybe vacation in my room only lah… 😆


I Want to Break Free to Oregon Coast


Everyone needs some break after working hard for sometimes… just like the Queen hits’ title ‘I want to Break Free’.  If I plan to go for vacation this year, I plan to go for vacation far… far… away… probably to Oregon Coast for beach vacation. There, I can rent a condo for a week from Oregon Vacation Rental and enjoy the beachfront with ocean view to the fullest. What ever the plan is, setting the plan early will be great to make sure the vacation goes smoothly and enjoyable.

Planning a vacation especially dreams or annual vacation which involved family or groups should not be done at the last minute. Decision and planning must be finalized early, probably months before the actual vacation. So, if you together with your family or friends plan to follow where I’m planning to go for vacation, there are many great thing you can get at Oregon Coast.

Oregon Vacation Rental provides many types of homes and condos to suit everyone. And I like their policy that our privacy is guaranteed and we can sleep as late as we want… cool, we can party the whole night. Other than that, facilities like hot tub or settings for those with children are taken care to make sure everyone are comfortable.

Well, Oregon Beach Vacation is not only for dream or annual vacations but for every type of vacations, be it for romantic getaways, anniversaries, honeymoons, family reunions or any size of corporate retreats.

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