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entering 2nd half of the year

christmas, holiday, new year, ornaments

wow… we are almost finishing half year of the 2012… we have less than 10 days before we enter the second half of the year… 😛

And before you knew it, the second half of the year is finishing… Christmas and New Year are getting closer… holiday mood will swing in and everyone we will start decorating their Christmas tree with customized christmas ornaments

Well, I just hope I can complete all my works on time… in fact I’m already behind schedule on most of my work goals this year… I really hope I will be able to recover on the second half of the year… and back on track… must think of good strategy to tackle all these goals… crossing my finger that I will… 😛

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Christmas eve…

android, ardrone, christmas, drone, flu, helicopter, industrial pc

It’s Christmas eve and I’m sitting in front of the TV and notebook writing this piece… sneezing every minute till my throat hurts… yea, I’m having flu at the moment and it’s quite bad… not as bad as I’m totally knock out, but it just that tears keep on dropping from my eyes… then my nose will start feeling itchy which made me sneeze hard… very hard till my throat hurts… 😛

It started yesterday at office…  and I tried to fight it with paracetamol which did help a bit. I took 2 at office then 2 during the night…  I think that’s the most paracetamol I took in a day… usually I don’t take any paracetamol at all but use Ribena the concentrated fruity drink full with Vitamin C or just my Vitamin C pills… The reason I’m having this flu is I ran out of Vitamin C for the past 2 weeks… meaning I have not taken any of my usual daily 1000mg Vitamin C… I guess I’m too dependent with Vitamin C… 😛

So this morning when I woke up, it was not that bad… but after sometimes it was getting bad again… so I decided to visit the clinic at Hill Top around 11 am… and I was given a bottle of cough syrup and three types of pills… took a short nap just now… feeling a bit better with less runny nose now… 😀 Looks like I will be drowsy and shaggy most of the time during Christmas this time… but better than drunk… but I don’t drink anyway…. hahaha…

And today, there are many helicopters flying around… and one even landed near my house which looks new and guess they are just testing it… coz when it was approaching the ground, both ‘pilots’ open their door and look at the ground… probably checking whether the tires are touching the ground… and yes I said tires coz this heli is using tires instead of the usual two bars on both sides.

The Sabah Air 9M-YHM… Agusta A109S Grand

And the rest flying around are police helis… probably checking Christmas traffic jam or checking for potential flood area… yea the weather is gloomy and it looks llike going to rain… probably big rain tonite or tomorrow… 😛

Police helicopter 9M-PHK… Aerospatiale 355N Ecureuil 2

Anyways, I found something COOL just now, I guess I’ve seen this before but was not paying too much attention… well it’s something military… something tough… something spy… something electronic… something small… something UFO… no, it’s not the miniature super tough military industrial pc… but it’s a drone… not a military drone but more as big boys toys… this drone has 4 rotors and remote controlled with Android… yea with Android phone or tablet… 😀 I want to get this next year since I can’t get this for Christmas…and want to use it to take aerial video… and ‘spy’… hahahaha… 😛

Merry Christmas… and have a great weekend… 😀

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last minute chirstmas shopping

christmas, christmas sale, men's clothing, ufo

Took a day leave today and went to Suria, 1Borneo and Karamunsing Complex… just want to feel and see how is the last minute shopping rush… 😀 Went around 11.00am. Lido was jammed… Luyang was jammed… KK also jammed… but the jams was not that bad… still OK… furthermore I used the Signal Hill route to Suria, so not very sure how bad was the jammed in the city itself.

There are not many shoppers at Suria… and I only entered the sports store… was looking for Adidas stuffs… but nothing interest me. Has been trying to find Adidas stuffs for sometimes… even tried in Tawau when I was outstations a couple of weeks ago… I’m looking for t-shirts and shorts for my gym… but very hard to get size that suitable for me… guess all sportsman are thin… 😛

Then proceeded to 1Borneo… not sure what time we took off… but I guess after an hour at Suria… 1B is a bit crowded… there was Christmas treasure hunt going on when we arrived… Since there are sales everywhere, I tried to look for men’s clothing but I’m not really into shopping for myself… so I just window shopping… for myself… 😀

First went to Crocs store… but all are old models… I ask if they have the Barista… too bad, none… Then went to Adidas store… quite a number of customers inside… browse the sneakers… nothing interest me… browse the t-shirts… nothing interest me… at the end I bought an Adidas watch as Christmas present for my nephew.

Tried to have lunch at McDonald… TOO crowded… damm… KFC is quite vacant… so went to KFC instead… only eat burger since not really into KFC food at this time… Then went to Parkson after KFC… saw Speedo watches there… bought one for my other nephew… all three of them are swimmer… this is good brand 😀

Then proceeded to Karamunsing Complex around 4pm… went there to buy another present for the third nephew… bought a remote control helicopter…. Karamunsing was crowded… but surprisingly I manage to get a parking right in front of the entrance… wow… today must be my lucky day… never park there before… always park at 5th floor…

In fact during our journey from 1B to Karamunsing, we saw an UFO… yea… UFO… usually while driving I also look at the sky… and I saw a plane… then I saw something very shiny near the plane… i mean further away from the plane… it was stationary… it was there for about 30 seconds… and I was fumbling taking out my little camera from my pants pocket… too bad, did not manage to take photo… so we thought, that’s about it… while figuring out what could it be… then suddenly the shinny thing appears again… and this time it was BIG… mind you it was around 4pm and the sun is bright… but there is no place to stop at the road side… this time my friend also saw it… unfortunately the road was bending and the UFO disappear… could it be the Santa Clause with Rudolf the Rain Deer?…

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custom stocking for the season

christmas, christmas stocking, custom made stockings, decoration, santa claus

Christmas is just around the corner… so today I’m gonna write about Christmas… not Christmas tree but specially personalized Christmas stocking… custom-made stockings 😀

Decorating home with colorful stockings for Santa Claus to put Christmas presents for the whole family are fun… Of course there is no Santa Claus… I mean the real flying Santa Claus with Rudolf the rain deer… just don’t let the kids know about it… 😛 It’s the spirit of magical Christmas season that matters…

So to make sure Santa Claus can find your stocking… well, Santa Claus should know where are your stockings coz Santa is magical… but let just pretend and tell the kids that Santa will need to find them… so stocking need to be colorful and bright so it can be seen from far… so the fun is to look for colorful and bright stocking… or you can make them together… it’s not necessarily made of cloths… never seen stocking made of leaf… let’s go green this year… why not try making them using leafs… coconut leafs… palm leaves… pandan leaves 😀

And tomorrow I’m going to start my Journey Around Sabah again… by going North first… 😀

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In festive mood

1borneo, christmas, hotel

Shopping complexes in the city are all in festive mood… Christmas songs are pumped through the speakers at every corner. Christmas trees are fully decorated… the whole complexes are decorated…

Santa Claus is everywhere… cheering kids, taking photo with kids… including adults… and giving away gifts…

That was how it looks like at 1Borneo last Saturday when I went there to see the PIKOM PC Fair and went to play the archery. The center court was full with Christmas decorations… guests staying at the three hotels at 1Borneo must be feeling like staying in new york hotels with the atmosphere like that 😀

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Christmas Cards with Photo

cards, christmas, greetings, life, photo, season

Last week, a man came to my office. He came to sell Christmas cards… he is helping the Carmelite to sell the christmas photo cards.

He was selling me the last pack he brought along with him. It was around 3pm something when he entered my office… that’s why he only left with one pack. He has been going around the building from door to door selling the Christmas cards since afternnon.

He said he has been helping the Carmelite selling the cards for many years already… I can’t really remember but I think he said something like 5 years or so… or was it 15?…

Anyway, I bought from him the last pack for RM15.00 😀


Shopping Jam

christmas, life, online, shopping

How many of you stuck in the traffic jam during your recent Christmas shopping round? With the sale carnival on going, shopping complexes are like circus. Roads are jammed with vehicles and shopping complexes are jammed with shoppers. And if you were driving yourself, you also have to face another problem, parking!

But if you said you did not experience any of those, then you must be shopping somewhere else… online shopping right? I’m sure some did their shopping online. It is much more convenience than wasting time stuck in the jam.

I did not do much shopping for Christmas through online or at shopping complexes. But I did my online shopping for some stuffs for the coming New Year… only 3 days away… I hope I can receive my stuffs before New Year 😛

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Big boys toys

big boy, christmas, life, toy

I’m sure you all noticed in today toys’ box, some has ‘suitable for’ age sticker meaning if it state ‘6 years old’, 5 years old or younger are not supposed to use the toys, it is not suitable for them.

But today toys are also very complex, I’m not even referring to Play Station or Xbox kind of toys. During Christmas, my nephews got few presents and also puppies. Early morning, they are already ransacking the Christmas tree.

But I think this one particular toy is not meant for kids. Even adults will have a hard time to assemble them. Well, it is good that the kids can think, imagine and solve on how to assemble them at early stage, but this one is just too difficult to finish.

My nephew asks for my assistant to assemble his toy after he can’t go on anymore. The toy when fully assembles will supposed to turn into moving pods. It will carry marbles from the bottom to the top of the tower of the moving pod using chain and ‘bucket’. Once on top, the marble will slide down along the ‘cables rail track’ attached at the side of the moving pod’s tower.

Assembling the tower, chain and the electric motor is no problem… my nephew did it.  But assembling and aligning the marble’s cables track is the problem. It took me morning, afternoon, evening and night to try to align it but it just not perfect. The marble can slide down but the shape of the cables track is not perfect… I have to assemble and unassembled it, and it is not done yet. Clipping and unclipping the clips is hurting the fingers. There are more than 200 parts in this toy to be assembled.

You might think it is easy… what so difficult about assembling rail track cables? I have installed all kind of cables… UTP cables, fiber cables, armored cables… above the ceiling, under the ceiling and even under the ground, but these two less than 300 cm steel cables are just giving me a hard time. You see, if your alignment is not correct and the turning radius is not right, the cable will not end at the same length, although the outer cable has a longer length.

Today, I’m on leave, but got a call about office ‘server room’ air-con… I’m lazy to drive, wish I have moving pods or teleport pods…

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Merry Christmas

celebration, christmas, hope, joy, life, peace

Christmas is here bringing good cheer to all mankind… let us celebrate together the peace, joy and hope it brings.

Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas


Wishing everyone a joyous Christmas…

Merry Christmas
Selamat Hari Natal (malaysia)
Kotobian Tadau Do Krimas (kadazan)
Kung His Hsin Nien bing Chu Shen Tan (mandarin)
Maligayang Pasko at Manigong Bagong Taon (tagalog)
Nathar Puthu Varuda Valthukkal (tamil)
Kia orana e kia manuia rava i teia Kiritimeti e te Mataiti Ou (maouri)
Nadolig LLawen a Blwyddyn Newydd Dda (welsh)
Shubh Naya Baras (hindi)
Shinnen omedeto. Kurisumasu Omedeto (japanese)
Joyeux Noël et Bonne Année! (french)

Christmas tree at home… 😀


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