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Was in KL since last Sunday, 3rd July, attending course from Monday to Thursday and stayed till today, Sunday, 10th July… coz I wanted to see BERSIH 2.0 on Saturday.. 😀

The police started blocking roads going into central KL on Thursday… and it caused massive jam! Public transports were halted, so I stayed in my hotel room instead. And I was worried they continue blocking the road till Sunday coz I need to catch my flight at 5.30pm, Sunday. If they block the roads until Sunday or declare ‘darurat’, I’ll be stuck in KL… worse, I’m running out of money coz shopping too much… 😛 Where can I get cash advances if I really runs out of money?… What happen if my credit card can’t get through when paying?… Luckily, the BERSIH 2.0 was truly a PEACEFUL WALK so no bad thing happened but UNITY. Back home now and going to work tomorrow… 😛

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need some relaxing

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After coming back for outstation works at Tawau, Semporna, Kunak, Lahad Datu, Sandakan, Beluran & Ranau last week, it’s time to clear everything before the year end… especially the account. Monday was the day I have to figure out what are the things need to be cleared… Tuesday was busy putting things in order… including those things that was queried by the Accounting Section… it’s not an easy job to make sure accounts are in order and balanced…

Wednesday is the same… running around getting things done… and the boss also asked me to look into his new iPad which is not working… I hate Apple… I never like Apple… and now I have to troubleshoot one of the Apple thingy… When I look at the iPad, it only showing the USB and iTune logo… can’t do anything… it doesn’t response to anything… no touch… danmm… then I have to look for friend who own iPad to figure out what is wrong with this iPad… even Google the net to find solution… at the end I leave it as it is… maybe I try to fix it on Monday.

Then Thursday was a little less busy… then today, Friday, took a day leave for Christmas… time to relax for a while… probably relaxing with a piece of humidor cigar would be great… 😛 but unfortunately I don’t smoke… instead, I went window shopping… 😀

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Firday shopping time…

black friday, ict fiesta 2010, sale, shopping

ICT shopping fiesta gonna start in a few hours… yep… the ICT Fiesta 2010 at Likas Sports Complex will start tomorrow… till Sunday 😛 And at the same time, tomorrow is also Black Friday… it’s shopping time!!!

The booth operators have been busy preparing their stuff from tomorrow opening since this afternoon… so those who are looking for cheap cheap computer stuffs, don’t forget to visit the fiesta… it starts at 10am and closed at 9pm… and shuttle bus also provided from 9.30am till 7.30pm from Wawasan Plaza Bus Terminal… happy Friday shopping 😀

Other than the PS3 games competition, there is also ‘hacking’ competition… so, those who want to test their skills, go for it dude…


Online shopping rules Black Friday

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This year, it seems that online shopping rules the Black Friday…or at least getting advantage. More and more shoppers prefer online shopping… no long lines at the counter… no bad weather… no cart pushing or racing… no stampede… all you need is your credit or charge card… and you don’t even need a card or barcode scanner to read your card.

Online shoppers have the advantage of shopping on their pajama right in their home in front of their computer… and they can do it anytime… even at the very last minute of the Black Friday shopping frenzy.

Next we wait and see how Christmas shopping going to be this year…


Parents, don’t do this to your kids…

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Do any parents go and see their son or daughter at the office on their first day at work? And when the parents walks into the office, they enter as if they own the office… what would the kid feels? I’m sure it is bloody embarrassing to the kid…

And what is the parents’ reaction when they found out that their son or daughter is browsing for cheap sale on the internet to do online shopping? And paying for the goods using their parent’s credit card? Well, just hope the kid did not do all that during office hours, else the kid is not only get embarrassed, but probably will get kick out of his or her first job on the first day…


Shopping Jam

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How many of you stuck in the traffic jam during your recent Christmas shopping round? With the sale carnival on going, shopping complexes are like circus. Roads are jammed with vehicles and shopping complexes are jammed with shoppers. And if you were driving yourself, you also have to face another problem, parking!

But if you said you did not experience any of those, then you must be shopping somewhere else… online shopping right? I’m sure some did their shopping online. It is much more convenience than wasting time stuck in the jam.

I did not do much shopping for Christmas through online or at shopping complexes. But I did my online shopping for some stuffs for the coming New Year… only 3 days away… I hope I can receive my stuffs before New Year 😛

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No Gain Black Friday Saving Shopping


Everyone must have gone through with last minute shopping experiences. Doing last minute shopping experience is very exciting… exciting in the sense that it is nerve wracking especially during shopping or holiday seasons.

Do you know that you can save a lot for Christmas or New Year shopping by doing Black Friday shopping which is a day after the Thanksgiving? Instead of doing your last minute Christmas shopping a day before Christmas, you can do your shopping during Black Friday where the retailers slashes their prices until they gain ‘no profits’ for that day.

And if you think that you have to wake ups as early as 5am to fight for a place in the queue for the Black Friday shopping, you don’t have to because you can shop for Black Friday online at No more camping next to the shopping malls or waking up very early in the morning just to be in the Black Friday shopping crowds.

It lets you do your Black Friday shopping online at the comforts of your home. You can even subscribe to their email alerts so that you will know whenever new advertisers are posted. You will get and view more choices online compared to by visiting the shopping malls itself. At site, you will be able to see Radio Shack, Walmart and almost 50 others merchants you never heard before. Everything is confined into a single site to make your selections and shopping simpler.

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GoShop!… color my life

blog, business, buzz, shopping

Heard about the launching of GoShop! recently but did not really bother about it until I receive an email about it recently….

After going through the website… I’m very impressed with its presentations… the graphics are fantastic… I’ve seen other sites created by the webmaster… I won’t deny that they can really present a very impressive graphics… really cool…

Anyway, I still have some comments on this site…

If I’m a tourist… I would like to know the location of the shopping complexes… I would like to know its location in relations to the airport, sea port, main bus station, main taxi stand and hotels… that will give me better idea on how to reach the place or where to stay… address alone will not help me to plan my journey… I mean it can, but it will make me do some ‘seeking’… even if I’m a local from another town, this will definitely helps. So it’s good to shows all the hotels, bus stations, taxi stands, airport or any other land marks for every particular shopping town or city… tourist landmarks will be cool too.

Their advertisements are very informative and very attractive… but it lack one important information… again, direction map to the shop… address or phone number are not enough…

I like eating… everyone else likes to eat… yeah!!! lets enjoy seafood… they are cheap here in Sabah… the Taiwanese, Japanese, Koreans and everyone likes them too… so, it will be nice to see more restaurants with its direction map presented here… info like what are they serving and their specialty will be good… types of restaurant is important too… Korean, Japanese, western etc…

My comments are… what I see and feel while surfin the site… I’m sure they will improve in no time… contents are lacking for now but I’m sure there will be more in the future… and hopefully they will become the centre of reference for shopping heaven in Sabah.. or Malaysia… or maybe ASEAN… why not kan… buli bah tu… 😉


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