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Updated my old posting


As part of my ‘come back’… I’ve updated 5 of my old postings. Someone requested to add some write-ups into it. And I find the write-ups and links are useful for my blog…

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OK… OK… phew…


OK… I’ve not been updating for the past few weeks… I did but only short postings… 😀

Anyway, other than busy with all kind of works… I was also busy setting up a photography site… whose site?… emm… no need to tell lah… mine maybe… ha ha ha… u wanna see?… OK, it’s over here… shutterbomb please leave a comment about it OK… so that I can improve it 😀

OK, that’s all for now… I will start picking up again… I hope I will… although I feel like burned…

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Workshop Again…


First, thank you very much to everyone who have visited my blog and to all who have left messages. I was away for another workshop since 10 to 13 December 2007. That was just a couple of weeks after our annual workshop at Tuaran Beach Resort on the 28 November to 1 December 2007.

This time, the workshop was at Tyang Dynasty Hotel, Kota Kinabalu. The best part, my room was at 10th floor facing the flyover. I have some great pictures to show later… 😀

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OK, I was tagged by BoBby So on humanitarian ground, I have no choice but to do it…

The rules is simple…
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules.
2. List eight (8) random facts about yourself.
3. Tag eight people at the end of this post and list their names.
4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving them a comment on their blogs

OK lah… 8 random facts about… who ever I think of… not necessary me… ha ha ha…

1. Like to sleep… so, be quite, don’t disturb.
2. Like to eat… so, please show good place to eat… and if possible do ‘blanja’.
3. Don’t go to gym… so, stop asking.
4. Have difficulty to find suitable shirt size.
5. Hate to deal with ‘pretenders’
6. Don’t like to lie.
7. Drink one tea spoon of Bovril mixed with hot water once in a while… loads of energy from there… and it builds muscles… ha ha ha…
8. Like to curse… ‘ngai tiau!’

So, there you go… Now lets see how I’m going to do this…

OK lah… I’m going to tag randomly… They can be complete strangers… since I just randomly browse through blogspot 😀

So, let see what these people have to says…


blogger’s site slow

blog, internet

Do you all notice some of the blogging site like blogger is a bit slow today?… Maybe not all site but some… I was trying to access some but it just too slow. But when I use proxy, it’s OK. I believe there is a ‘flood’ of access from people wanted to read about what happen in KL yesterday… massive DiGi YELLOW man. Meaning there is ‘flood’ of access within the country to those sites, so it slow. When I use proxy by accessing it from outside the country, it just fine.


smorty The Meeting Place for Advertisers and Bloggers

advertising, blog

Smorty is a place for advertisers and bloggers to meet. Advertisers can pay smorty to manage their blog advertising. While bloggers can subscribes with smorty to get paid to blog about the advertisements.

The cheapest and fastest tool to get the widest coverage for advertisement in the internet nowadays is through blog advertising. Most blogger will like to look for get paid for blogging opportunity. This shows it is not hard for the advertisers to advertise on blogs since there are pool of bloggers out there waiting to take this oppotunity.

I have been with smorty since August this year and had a great experience with them as a blogger. Smorty is a great place to blog for money and I have taken more than 15 opportunities so far. In fact they have given me more than that, but I can’t take them all since I have other commitments. Now you see, blogger has a large avenue to grow and get paid to blog. Smorty will pay blogger within a week once their posting is approved.

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My Email Client Went Half Asleep


My bloody MS Outlook was not working well. Last week I send out a document. It turned out no one can read my Word document… it’s there but they can’t read it. It never happens before. So, I was re-sending the mail like three times already… even convert the documents to PDF format… but the result is still the same. Celestine emails me some write-up about similar issue. I turned my email format from HTML to Plain Text and re-send the email once again… phewwww… it works. Now I need to troubleshoot it, but I think it is caused by the Outlook profile, so I need to re-create my profile.

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Profits vs. Principles – Yahoo Scolded


U.S. lawmakers lambasted Yahoo for allegedly putting revenue from the booming Chinese market ahead of free-speech and human-rights concerns. Journalist Shi Tao has been confined for 2 year in a Chinese prison for the contents of an e-mail.

As we all know, when it comes to freedom of speech and universal human rights, U.S. is very loud. But to gain access to lucrative foreign markets, some companies agree to abide the local regulations that can run afoul with the U.S. laws and principles concerning freedom of speech and universal human rights.

So it looks like we can’t really trust these so called “secrecy promises” made by these online moguls… Now, I’m wondering which or what email service I should use now…

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EarthFrisk with Social Bookmarking, Social Networking and Social Media


EarthFrisk is a new social hub with Social Bookmarking, Social Networking and Social Media features. Anyone can join and start socializing and make friends at EarthFrisk.

There are about 40 categories such as Offbeat, Humor, Technology, Videos, Music, Life, Entertainment and many more. Currently they are running a contest where bloggers and other members can make big money. The contest is for the appreciation for the support of their University student research teams as well as EarthFriskers from all over the world.

To win the $2,000 cash prize, all you have to do is create the largest network of friends or members. But you must hurry-up because the contest ends on Monday November 19th, 2007 at 12 midnight Eastern Standard Time. The prize also includes a 6 months Virtual Office services. The Virtual Office services include 3 office addresses that you can use as your own, a full staff of people (5-7) with real names that you can say are your employees, a toll free (800) number, a group fax line and professional answering and messaging.

There are three others contest like the most submissions, the most amount of comments placed in comments on boards and best original homepage/profile.


Cheap International Flights Deal


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All these are just a few clicks away. You can use their search service to find great deals on cheap international flights which are connected to over 60 major airlines. Their contents are up-to-date thus giving you with the most current deals in cheap international flights.

You can book your cheap international tickets right through on their online booking service. Or if you are not confident using your credits cards for online booking, you can call them at 888-346-5794. Whichever way you choose, you will get your cheap airfares.

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