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Firday shopping time…

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ICT shopping fiesta gonna start in a few hours… yep… the ICT Fiesta 2010 at Likas Sports Complex will start tomorrow… till Sunday πŸ˜› And at the same time, tomorrow is also Black Friday… it’s shopping time!!!

The booth operators have been busy preparing their stuff from tomorrow opening since this afternoon… so those who are looking for cheap cheap computer stuffs, don’t forget to visit the fiesta… it starts at 10am and closed at 9pm… and shuttle bus also provided from 9.30am till 7.30pm from Wawasan Plaza Bus Terminal… happy Friday shopping πŸ˜€

Other than the PS3 games competition, there is also ‘hacking’ competition… so, those who want to test their skills, go for it dude…


Retailer’s Day Gimmick for Monday

black friday, cyber monday, sales, thanks giving

You have heard the term Black Friday, Thank God It’s Friday, Monday Blues, etc… but recently I came across with a new term, Cyber Monday πŸ˜› For me, from IT point of view, it sounded like Monday has gone virtual into cyber… or to a more extreme point of view it goes something like ‘you arrived to the office on Monday morning and found out that your system has been hacked!’… so there goes your Monday πŸ˜›

But NO… it has nothing to do with computers or ICT… it just a marketing term or gimmick to refer the Monday immediately after Black Friday… and Black Friday itself is the Friday immediately after Thanksgiving Day. And today, not only retailers in United States are using the term, it has spread to other countries like United Kingdom, France, Portugal and Germany… and sales at these countries last for eight days…. from the last Monday in November till the fist Monday in December…. but in Malaysia, sales carnival called Mega Sales held from July to September can last eight weeks and not just eight days!!! πŸ˜›

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Online shopping rules Black Friday

barcode, black friday, credit card, online, scanner, shopping

This year, it seems that online shopping rules the Black Friday…or at least getting advantage.Β More and more shoppers prefer online shopping… no long lines at the counter… no bad weather… no cart pushing or racing… no stampede… all you need is your credit or charge card… and you don’t even need a card or barcode scanner to read your card.

Online shoppers have the advantage of shopping on their pajama right in their home in front of their computer… and they can do it anytime… even at the very last minute of the Black Friday shopping frenzy.

Next we wait and see how Christmas shopping going to be this year…


Simple way to detoxify

black friday, detoxify, fat, food, health, life, thanksgiving

26 November 2009 Thanksgiving day… 27 November 2009 Black Friday… both are over… but the only thing which is not over yet is the food overload…

So much cheap stuffs and so much food… kilos of turkey and litters of drinks… but as usual, there is always consequences that come from overindulging drinks and food… some will start complaining they are getting fat… So what are you going to do?…

Well, its time to detoxify yourself… don’t think about weight loss pills yet… better cleanse your body from all those bad food first…Β  How?… Sweat out yourself lah… πŸ˜›

Go jogging… go sauna… go swimming… do anything to sweat out… πŸ˜€


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