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food is important

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Some people are dying to bring down their weight… when I do my exercise, I don’t really care about burning calories or bringing down my weight… it’s not really important to me… I just want to build my stamina… I’m more concern with my stamina… If you have good stamina, your size doesn’t matter…fat or thin. But of course overweight or over fat is not good. If you are fat a little bit or overweight a little bit, but able to walk 5km without problem, that’s great!!!

sample of diet pills commercialThere are some people crazy about dieting… for me dieting is only for health… not to reduce weight. Food and eating is an obligation to me 😀 When you don’t have enough food, you will get sick 😛 And some goes to use pills to reduce weight… that is more damaging in my opinion. You can check the lipozene forum for example.

Diet pills are over commercialized…  if you are not careful, it can bring more damage to your body and health than good. So, if you are into weight loss, do your research on the pills you going to take first… it could be poison to you but not to others 😛

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Journey Around Sabah… to Tawau today

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Yesterday, went to gym to burn some fat then had a large amount of bak-kut-teh to recover back the burned fat 😆 Have not been to gym for many many years… man… the food is so nice after sweating out… had 3 plates of rice and two large bowl of bak-kut-teh 😀

It is 7.30 am and I’m still packing for my trip to Tawau… working trip from today till Friday… have to go troubleshoot some network problem there… 😛

Every time going outstation to the east coast side like Tawau or Sandakan, the first thing that will come across in everybody mind is seafood… yes load of sea foods… and they are damm cheap down there…

Yesterday, colleague over there called and promised to feed us with sea foods till we vomit… 😛 man… need to take appetite suppressant pills… ok, need to stop here… have to get ready for the trip…


How did I sweat out today?

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Supposed to play golf this morning with my 2 regular golfing buddies but cancelled because one of them injured. I really need some form of exercise to sweat out coz most of the time I’m only mentally exercised. If we’ve played today, it‘s the first for this year. The SMS I received yesterday… “T-off time for year 2009 will start tomorrow. Any comment?” and I replied, “No comment coz no training :)”. And then the cancellation SMS, “Latest info.. Mr. Adrian injured for tomorrows game.. T-Off will be postponed next week and to be confirmed next Saturday..hehehe..”. . . . Continue Reading »


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