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where the heck are my files…

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It’s time to fill in the income tax again… but I have not received all my insurance statements… and the submission dateline is by 30 April… 😛

And the worse thing… I can’t find my insurance policies… the whole file containing all my insurance thingy… life and auto insurance… 😛 I hope I just misplaced the file… it went missing at the same time as my passport and other certificates file the other day… I ransack the house and office and luckily found them stashed behind one of the drawers…

Now, it’s time for me to ransack the house and office again… I need to find it before the dateline… else I have to ask for new life and auto insurance quotes… that means more works and documents to deal with… 😛

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Sabah Paintball League Cup 2010… map

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If you are coming to play or watch the Sabah Paintball League Cup but not sure where it’s gonna be, here are some more info about it…

The game will start at 8.00am for two days… 6 & 7 March 2010

And the location is (click image for full size)…

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Sabah Paintball League Cup 2010

extreme, life, paintball, sabah paintball league cup, spl, sports, wca

BAH… last call for Sabah’s paintball players out there…

This is your chance to play paintball league cup… there will be three legs in this league.

For this first leg, it will be held from 6th to 7th March 2010 at the new paintball fields at Likas Stadium.

There are two categories, rookie and open.

For rookie category, it’s going to be 3 men + 3 reserve. Entrance fee is RM300 and inclusive of paintball pallets. Newbie & students are highly encourage to participate.

For open category, it’s going to be 5 men + 2 reserve. Entrance fee is RM300. You can use electrical or mechanical marker…

USPL rules will be used in this tournament.

For further information, contact:
KK Paintball Centre – 088 727445
Zachary – 016 8146301
Sammy – 016 8472592
Gabrielle – 016 8459991
Tracy – 016 8459903
Miguel – 016 8350053
Email –

And as what to expect from this league… here are photos of Pre-WCA games last year… expect to have the same or better excitements… 😀

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contact messages… lost in cyberworld

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I just realized today that my blog’s contact page is not working when used with Internet Explorer. When I setup the WordPress plug-in called cform quite sometimes ago, I’m very sure I have tested it and it was working.

When I look into my WordPress plug-ins today, the cform seems to be not working when used in IE, but it works if used in Firefox… messages submitted through the contact forms are not delivered to my mailbox…

I guess I’ve lost many inquires or messages submitted through the contact form… for that I apologize to those who has submitted inquires or messages to me which I never replied.

Truly, it was never my intention not to reply if you ever sent any inquiry or message to me.

Now, instead of using forms for my contact, you can email me directly… I’ve updated my contact page where you can see my e-mail detail in it.

I hope by displaying my email address in the contact it will not invites unwanted emails… spam emails like Viagra pills, gambling, life insurance policy quote… phishing that I won 20 million dollars… etc… etc…

I wish I can find a good contact form plug-in for WordPress coz contact form is much better… email address is not exposed to spam bots… 😛

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Borneo Traditional Therapy

Borneo Traditional Therapy, health, life, traditional massage, viagra, xenadrine

OK, how do I start… coz this topic might makes some snap… well, I want to talk about errr… massage… … but it really has nothing to do with sexual massage or anything related to it… please don’t… coz to some, the moment they hear about massage, they will immediately connect it with beautiful girls giving massage… special massage… please don’t… I’m not even going to do xenadrine reviews or anything with Viagra here… I just want to tell about the place I visited last Friday… the Borneo Traditional Therapy… a massage place…

The Borneo Traditional Therapy is located at Damai… next to the Damai Point Plaza… the place is run by a lady… she is doing traditional massage… she said there are too many Bali massage, so she comes up with traditional massage just to make it unique… and she is not just making it sound unique but really makes it unique coz she use all the local traditional ‘skills’ in massaging and all the herbs… and she almost completed her book… yes, she is writing a book about her works… the traditional therapy of Borneo.

I’ve been here  five times already… including my last visit on Friday recently. Usually I comes here for massage when I have a very stiff shoulder and back… and head. She really knows where are the source of the pain and she will massage them till they really go away… but if you are not the type who cannot stand pain… then you gonna make lots of noise… and crying… she might be small but once she work on you… her hand is like a huge clamp… like last Friday, when she massage my hand, I was covering my face with my other hand… while my body was curling… and curling… and curling… and curling… like there is no more tomorrow… I thought I was going to faint that day… but the result is all the pain are gone… immediately… 😀

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CNY little tornado

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During the Dance, Unicorn and Lion Celebration opening last Saturday… there were two weird things I saw… well maybe only one coz the other is not that weird.

It was like this… after all the VIPs comes down from the center stage and before the troops starting going up to the stage… they were all circling the stage first… with all the small pieces of metallic papers which was shoot into the air as part of the opening highlight lying on the stage floor, suddenly there is a small tornado at the center of the stage… it was clearly visible coz the metallic papers were spinning in the shape of the little tornado… it was quite difficult to capture it in photo with all the troops blocking the stage… but surely you can see the metallic papers circling up like tornado… hope it is a good sign 😀

The metallic papers are concentrating in the middle of the stage forming the little tornado..

The little tornado getting stronger…

Second… this one maybe not that weird… there is one guy from one of the troops displaying fire acrobatic… he was carrying fire torch and a bottle of kerosene… yes it is kerosene coz I can smell it… he will put some of the liquid in his mouth and blow it towards the fire torch… and there will be a big fire shooting up in the sky with some thick black smoke… and at one of the shoot out…while he was right in the center of the stage… he actually created a big dark circle of smoke… and it was visible for a few seconds… and I hope this is not a bad sign but a good sign… for the year of the tiger 😀

Fire display…

Big explosion…

Now, the fire man is on the stage…

Then I saw this black circle… and start capturing more photos of it… . . . Continue Reading »

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toyota oh toyota…

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Toyota is one of the biggest car producers in the world… and it has been the leader for many years. But Toyota is facing huge problem since a couple of years…

Toyota is the only Japanese car I like… and I support their F1 team together with Mercedes F1… but unfortunately their F1 team will not be racing this year… same with few other teams which were hit by the world financial meltdown last year.

For the past two years, Toyota has been recalling its vehicles… and it has recalled millions already. They are top in sales but they are also top in recall!!!

But almost all the recalled vehicles are with Toyota US!!! Not here in Malaysia.

Last year they were having problem with floor mat which will slip and cause major safety on the driver’s handling. Now they are having safety issues on the gas pedal… and recently there is a possibility safety issue on the brake system!!! But not all models are affected… only some…

If you are owning any of the US Toyota vehicles which has been identified as having safety issues, I think if you need term life insurance or do not have any right now, you better get it now… else you just have to keep your Toyota in the garage or sell it off… 😛

If Toyota keeps on recalling their vehicles, I’m scared they will vanish from the business very soon… I hope they can improve their safety standard or fix whatever problem they are having in the production line… I hope it is not caused by design flaw because Toyota has one of the best designs… hopefully it’s just caused by bad materials…

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january rain…

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Many things need be done this month. Whenever January comes, all kind of bills and statement will appear. And this is the time money is the most sought after raw material… 😛

Income tax letter received… need time to fill the online income tax from now… annual housing loan statements received… time to renew the mortgage life insurance… time to renew all the other insurance too… including car insurance… road tax… everything needs money!!!

The only good things this month is getting statements from the PNB for the Amanah Saham… and the other unit trust fund managers… how I wish I don’t have to pay anything… just getting my salary every month… 😛

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RM1 billion junks?

blackout, employment, life

The government said, they have spent RM1 billion… or USD$300 million… to improve the electricity supply in the state… but yet the blackout is getting worse day by day.

Then, they blame the generators… old generator sets which are inefficient and costly to maintain… 😛 who purchase the generators in the first place?

Now they are proposing to use gas or coal power generation plants… the coal power plant proposal was heavily objected by many parties… even me don’t agree with it… coz we have so much oil and gas dug in the state… we are one of the biggest oil producer in the country!!!… we don’t have coal mine here!!!

Solutions using gas for the power plants are more feasible coz we have the gas supply on hand… and soon an oil and gas processing plant at Kimanis… or was it just an oil and gas terminal???… damm… are we being short-hand again?… is being build and will be completed soon…

If oil and gas processing plant is build instead of just oil and gas terminal, thousands of our people in the state will get employment… when more people employed, there will be less jobless people in the state… then the economic will improve… and with the power plant… stable power supply… more investor will come here to build their factory etc… etc… etc… 😛

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should i pull or do root canal?

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Almost unable to take the pain, I decided to go to the dentist this morning around 9.30am. Lucky, I’m not the type who easily goes berserk when having pain in the body… I was able to withstand the excruciating pain for 12 hours or so… plus lack of sleep…

I went to one of the dental clinic in Damai with my colleague which is opposite the shop we were having our late breakfast. I notice there are 3 dental clinics around Damai… probably more which I did not see. I actually call the clinic from the coffee shop to find out if they are busy… saw their number on the signboard. The nurse said there is an appointment around 10.00am… but I said, I will walk in after my meal… coz I’m having food next to their clinic 😛

The dental clinic looks big… the waiting area is huge… but there is only one dentist and two nurses. Registered myself… then in less then 3 minutes, I was called into the ‘operation’ room… I was lucky to get the appointment coz their two patients have not turn up yet for the 10am appointment… probably they couldn’t find a parking space… getting parking in Damai is like hitting a jackpot especially during office hours.

While waiting to be called, I scan through the pictures pasted on the clinic’s wall. Some shows before and after results… like one of it shows how jagged and bad teeth looks before getting treatment… and once corrected it shows sparkling teeth… arrange nicely like marble tiles… and there is also picture showing teeth with metal stuff on it, instead of arranged like marble tiles, it looks like copper tile 😛

Told the dentist my problem… I wanted the tooth to be pulled… but when he tried to shake the tooth with his hand, he said it’s still strong… and since it is a molar tooth… I heard ‘molar’, so it must be the name of the tooth… it’s harder to pull coz it has 3 legs… 😛 if pulling not successful, I might have to do operation… WHAT???

OK… I ask for second option… and I ask for an X-Ray of  my tooth… he said, if the tooth can be saved, I can opt for root canal… emmm… sound lots of drilling, and I don’t like drilling… lying on the dentist chair and listening all the lecture makes me sweat…

At the end he ask me to think about it first… so I ask for painkiller… he offer me ‘panadol’… WHAT???… I can get that at any shop… I ask for a stronger one… he offered me a capsule which cost RM10 each… I bought 4 of them since he is only free on Friday if I plan to come back… 😛 Well, I might do the root canal… 😛

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