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life insurance reduce tax

income tax, insurance, life insurance, medical insurance, rebate

Some people do not think life insurance is necessary coz they feel that the money spent on insurance policy is a waste. Well, they may be right… to certain point if they are rich… but if you are rich, why so stingy… hahaha…

Anyway, life insurance is not only for protection… it is also a form of investment. There are many types of life insurance package out there… even for education. And one of the good thing of having insurance is for income tax rebate… yes, currently you can have up to RM5,000 tax rebate for life insurance and medical insurance… combined. So if you feels that your income tax was quite high for last year, you should try getting some life or medical insurance… who knows it helps you to get into the lower income tax bracket this year… 😀

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Taking a break

insurance, IT consultants, paintball, spl

Going to take two days leave… coz there will be Sabah Paintball League (SPL) Cup on Saturday and Sunday. So I will be taking leave on Friday and Monday… Friday to get myself relax… Monday to recover from any sunburned.

Covering the SPL Cup is always an exciting and painful job… especially when inside the field taking photos and gets all the pallets or bullets when in the firing line… and most of the time stray pallets too. Standing in front of the flying pallets usually the best view… where u can see the pallets flying to towards me… and hit my camera sometimes… 😛

Taking paintball photos is just a hobby… IT is my real work… so getting a little adventure out of IT office work is good… out from the super cool aircond to under the hot sun… and get sunburned… 😛 Usually there is insurance for it consultants but how about for paintball photographer?… well, I guess the normal life insurance is sufficient… but how about for the gears?… There must be one, just like the insurance for golf gears… 😛 Anyways, I better stop here before I start writing in gibberish… too sleepy… 😛

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inspiration… semangat…

apex, comfort zone, house cleaning, inspiration, life, recycle, semangat

I’m getting uneasy with the mess in my office and room back home… it’s not about the work… I don’t want to talk about work this time… it’s about the ‘garbage’ which seems to be increasing exponentially in my office and room… 😛

The fault can be attributed by myself… I’m the type who don’t like to throw ‘stuffs’ away… but at the same time I don’t know how to arrange ‘stuffs’… and some laziness… the stuffs I’m talking about are letters, magazines, books, notes, boxes, etc… If it digital stuffs, then it will be easier, coz it wont take space. But these are real… physically there which occupy my space… all the time… and the space I have is getting smaller and smaller…

And worse, these stuffs are not only taking my space… it sit there idling doing nothing, giving me nothing… zero… nil… I never look or refer to it ever since I put it there… well, almost all of it… the feeling of needing it someday makes me ‘letting it go’ difficult… it’s hard to let go… so they are happily occupying my precious space doing nothing.

So I needed an inspiration or ‘semangat’ to get out from my comfort zone, if that can be considered as comfort zone… so instead of looking for apex house cleaning service, I asked a good friend which I think can inspire me… coz if I use my own inspiration, I’ll be back to square one… if I start cleaning up now like before, I will start keeping back what I want to throw… and end up throwing nothing at the end. But if it from someone I believe who can truly inspire me… and be discipline with the idea I was given, chances are… I can get rid of all these stuffs without feeling bad… yea, feeling bad is one of the major reason I can’t throw away old stuffs… the friend suggests recycling… yea, recycle wont hurt that much I guess… now that I’m inspired, let’s see what will happen the next few weeks or probably months later… 😛

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getsight vehicle tracking

black box, getsight, GPS, vehicle tracking

When I surf around the web… or you may say when I waste my time on the web… the things I usually look in the net are technologies… new inventions or gadgets… and of course current news.

So, this time I’m gonna talk a little bit about this tracking device I came across on the net while I was killing my time sometime ago. It is a vehicle tracking device… a little black box. Well, usually only aircraft has black box… but nowadays, vehicles too need black box. And talking about black box, the black box in the aircraft is not black in color but bright orange.

So this little black box from for vehicle tracking is a tiny box in black color. It has most of the standard features in vehicles tracking devices such as it is installed discreetly, can be monitored in real time thru the web and the most important feature, GPS, which helps to pinpoint the current location and speed of the vehicle. I’m not going to discuss much of its features, but you can get its first hand info from its website… I just want to direct my readers to the right place and learn more about the things I’m talking about… 😀

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powered with genset

bakers gas, blackout, generator, miller, millermatic, mobile generator, sesb

When I arrived home from work around 6pm yesterday, my mum said there is no power coz around 5.30pm, the Sabah Electricity Sdn. Bhd. transformer nearby the house exploded. Thinking other have called the SESB hotline, I did not do anything. But I get impatient when SESB people are nowhere to be seen at 6.30pm… so I called their hotline at 15454.

At 7pm, still no SESB people… so I called again… I asked why still no action… the hotline operator said there are numbers of report and all their maintenance team are out troubleshooting at other places which are very urgent… I almost want to scold her by saying ‘my place not important lah?’… but I hold back and just roar like lion king… and she apologize for the delay… 😛

About 15 minutes later, I saw some activities around the transformer… then truck pull in and at around 7.30pm, I can hear loud sound like generator sound… a few minutes later, electricity restored… I was wondering if they are using genset to power us… so I went to check… and sure enough, they are using mobile generator… I ask few questions to the operator and found out that the explosion quite serious and they might not able to fix it so soon… so they bring in the mobile genset… a 300KW genset…

Well, it is more than 12 hours already, and the genset is still running… hope it won’t run out of fuel soon… I don’t really need electricity at daytime… it’s Saturday so there is not much activities… unless I want to do some welding works using welder like millermatic at Bakers Gas… but no, I’m going gym instead… and furthermore it’s quite cloudy today so the weather is not that hot at the moment.

But I hope the SESB plan to do power shutdown on several places today will not affect CitiMall where the gym I’m going… as for the house, if they shut down the power grid, I think we can continue enjoying the mobile genset they have provided since last night… 😀


entering 2nd half of the year

christmas, holiday, new year, ornaments

wow… we are almost finishing half year of the 2012… we have less than 10 days before we enter the second half of the year… 😛

And before you knew it, the second half of the year is finishing… Christmas and New Year are getting closer… holiday mood will swing in and everyone we will start decorating their Christmas tree with customized christmas ornaments

Well, I just hope I can complete all my works on time… in fact I’m already behind schedule on most of my work goals this year… I really hope I will be able to recover on the second half of the year… and back on track… must think of good strategy to tackle all these goals… crossing my finger that I will… 😛

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wireless microphone

microphone, musician, royer, wireless

Last year, my office was looking for a few wireless microphones. I thought it was an easy task. What so difficult surveying for wireless microphone… five microphones and a receiver… and I’m sure it won’t be that expensive.

Oh boy… I was so wrong… I did not know that good wireless microphone… one wireless microphone and one receiver… will cost so much. A good wireless microphone is a set which will not get interference or interfere with other devices.

Now I realize that wireless microphone is not a simple device… it’s a critical piece of equipment especially when used in important event like concert. You can use a cheap microphone for karaoke but definitely not for concert… you gonna need high quality microphone like royer microphones Musicians friend… well, this is not wireless microphone but this mostly used inside studio for recording. It can cost up to 5 grand… yea, that’s expensive… but you won’t feel the price when you compare the quality you get… 😛

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double tap sheepdogs

armed forces, double tap, military, ranger up, sheepdog, tshirt

If I say sheepdog, I’m sure you won’t believe I’m not talking about dogs which helps farmers to herd sheep and other livestock. So it’s really not about dog… although we have dogs at home… which we put in a cage during the day and let it loose during the night… but we do have a dog which is not put in the cage… to take care the house all the time.

Dogs kept in the cage usually very aggressive… they like to attack. So, if you want to make your dog fierce, put them in a cage and let them loose when you need them to take care you or your house.

OK back to sheepdog… it is actually about shirts for the military and the patriotic, men and women of the armed forces… of course American… by Ranger Up. So, the sheepdogs is actually one of Ranger Up’s army t-shirts line. On the t-shirts, they have wordings like ‘There Are Wolves. There Are Sheep. I Am The Sheep Dog’ and ‘I Hunt The Things That Go Bump In The Night’… emm… looks cool…

They also have many other designs like ‘K9 Fight in the Dog’ and ‘Double Tap’… yea Double Tap… I knew the meaning of Double Tap during the Operation Neptune Spear in May 2, 2011… the operation which killed Osama bin Laden. Double Tap is a shooting technique… a control pair of shooting towards a single target with very little time in between… it’s like… bang bang.. almost in split seconds… OK that’s all about sheepdog for now… and I’m a dog by the way… if you don’t know what that mean, too bad… 😛

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triple x

dresses, oversize, plus size, wholesale

When you hear topic about big or oversize clothing, by default it’s about women clothing. So, when you search for wholesale plus size dresses, it returned you sites offering or selling women clothing.

But in actual fact, guys too need oversize clothing, not just women. Looking for triple X size clothing here is very hard… when you ask the shop assistant the largest size they have, they will say double X… and that double X is Asia size… not European or American size.

Well, I have trouble looking for t-shirts or shirts… if I use double X, it become body-fit to me… and it don’t suits me… coz it will show my tummy… 😛 Hope brands like Adidas and Nike will bring their larger size sport shirts… 😛

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Oracle boss bought an island

Larry Ellison, oak island, oracle, real estate

Surviving with small monthly salary will not make us millionaire… so probably it will only allow us to have small house. Houses like in real estate oak island nc are wonderful… which has 65 public beach surrounding it. The sandy beaches, as well as fishing docks and piers, and boat ramps makes it the perfect location for fishing, boating, kayaking and other water activities.

But all these did not attract Oracle boss Larry Ellison. The billionaire, co-founder and chief executive officer of the tech giant Oracle, recently purchased 98 percent of the 141 square mile (365 square kilometer) island of Lana’i in Hawaii. Owning 98% of the island can easily make him the king of the island… but as a businessman, that is not his plan… he want to bring more investment to the island. How nice if someone can do the same in Pulau Gaya… :p

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