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laser eyes surgery

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Wearing eye glasses or spectacle is not cool… it’s like wearing jewellery which you don’t like. I started wearing spectacle when I was 16 years old… but that was more than a year after I started having short sighted. I was trying to avoid wearing spectacle… but at the end I have to coz it was getting hard for me to see things at distance… things looks blurry and double… yea, I see things double.

Each year I have to change my glasses… not for better but for worse… it’s like my eyes needed 0.5 to 1.0 corrections each year. OK, that numbers doesn’t make sense to some… well, usually people called it 50 degrees or 100 degrees. But I think the correct figure is using the pointer… for instance, if you go to sports shops which sells swimming goggle, some of the goggle will have some numbering on it… such as 1.0 to indicate the goggle has eyesight correction of 1.0 or 100 degrees.

At the end, I was wearing 5.0 and 5.5 glasses… yea, I have uneven eyesight correction. The glasses are getting thicker and heavier… so I have to get a better glass which they called high index lens… I hope I remember that right, coz I’ve not wear glasses for many years already. High index lens is thinner and lighter but more expensive… in fact this glass is harder and stronger just like the gorilla glass used in Samsung Galaxy phone or Apple’s iPhone. To make things much lighter, I use titanium frame… which is more expensive too. But I can’t help it coz I just can’t stand with the pain on my nose which has to hold the spectacle.

So about 4 years ago, I took a bold move… I went for laser eye correction… I went for LASIK… yea, I went for laser eyes surgery. Actually I have been reading about LASIK since the 90s… I learned that the Russian ophthalmologist is offering laser eyes surgery called Laser Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis or LASIK. Reference about LASIK is very limited coz internet is almost unknown at that time but today you can read it everyway even at ophthalmologist chicagoland. At that time I feel LASIK is dangerous coz after surgery, the eye will be on bandage for a month or so… and they can only perform on one eye at a time just in case something goes wrong with the operation.

But today, LASIK can be performed on both eyes in single operation and there is no need for bandage… after the operation on both my eyes which took less than 30 minutes, I actually able see clearly… during the operation, I did not feel any pain coz they put anaesthesia on my eyes, but after the operation, it was stinging… it’s like someone squeeze an onion near my eyes. But the best part is, I can see clearly, in fact clearer than when I wear my spectacle.

The most important after the surgery is to use the eye drops… to make sure the eyes are lubricated. I have to use the eye drops for 3 months continuously… I did it just to make sure my eyes are OK. Then after that, I will get eye drops from time to time… which is, only when I feel my eyes are dry… and that will be like a few months apart. If you are wearing thick glasses, you should consider LASIK… you won’t regret it… trust me… The best part after I’m no longer dependent to eye glasses is I’m able to see clearly every morning when I wake up… 😀

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security camera

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Shoplift, snatch thieve, mugging, bully, fighting, and all kind of other criminal activities are in the news every day. It makes the police hopeless… they even request the shopping complexes to provide more in-house security especially in the parking area where lots of robbery or even kidnaping occurs. Last month alone, there are more than 5 robbery cases in shopping complex parking area… how can we feel safe?… it’s scary… especially to women.

As a deterrent, every shop, hotel, shopping complex, parking area, house, office, hospital, school, etc. should install CCTV or closed circuit television at strategic locations. Nowadays CCTV is easily available, from mini to large scale size, cheap to expensive. These security camera recordings really help as evidence when criminal activities occurred or to quash any dispute.

In the market, there are few types of security camera… for indoor or outdoor, wired or wireless, with or without night-vision/infrared… wireless security cameras are the easiest to install where no wall hacking or cable laying needed. And there are two types of wireless security camera… with battery or without battery. Those operating on battery are considered full wireless… it don’t require any cabling, it’s powered with the battery and transfer the audio/video signal wirelessly. The cost difference between wired and wireless may be noticeable where wired is cheaper. But if cable lying for power and data is added, the pricing can be almost the same as wireless camera.

The quality of the camera recordings is very important. There is no point recording the scene and having a very low video resolution especially at low light like night time. Good quality security camera and recorder or DVR is important… it maybe a little bit costly but it will be worthy when you need them most later.

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KK Properties Bubble

1borneo, 1Sulaman, Aeropod, chicagoland, foreclosures, properties, real estate, tanjung aru

If you look around Kota Kinabalu lately, there seems to be loads of construction going on… hotels and residences. And that don’t include those completed recently. Right now, there are more than 105 hotels, hotel residents, resorts and resort condos in KK alone.

The 105 are not including budget hotels which don’t have hotel star ratings. Boutique Hotels are everywhere too… it seems that boutique hotels are gaining popularity in KK the last couple of years. When I see all these hotels popping up everywhere, I’m wondering if they have enough guests to survive the stiff competition among them. But looking at the on-going mega hotel constructions, the demand must be more than the supply at the moment… which is good for our economy.

Constructions for residence such as condominiums and housing estates are quite a number too. 1Sulaman which they called self-contained neighborhood which has more than 2000 of condominium units is one example which is going to be completed soon.

Another example is the Aeropod Tanjung Aru which was launched recently. Construction have not started, but this one is going to be mega too… and it is right next to the Kota Kinabalu International Airport. Aeropod will span approximately 60 acres with mixtures of retail, offices, F&B, serviced apartment, SOHO, Corporate Office, boutique hotel and 5-star hotel… and I like this. Probably this is where I should buy an apartment.

But with world economy condition which is not favorable at the moment, will there be properties bubble burst soon?… will there be foreclosures effects… like foreclosures chicagoland? If burst going to happen, then it is not the right time to buy properties… but if economy going to turn great, then collecting properties is the way… real estate business will be good… 😀

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injury, joint, joint pain, knee walker

Just before lunch today, my joints, especially on both my knees stated aching… and I really don’t know the reason… the pain just came… it’s not that painful till I can’t move, but it just feel uncomfortable… and it feels hot… warm…

I really can’t afford to have any kind of sickness… no one wants… and knees are one of the most important parts of your body for mobility. With knees injury, you won’t be able to move freely… your legs will become useless… to move around, you gonna need assistant like knee walker… and that is so not cool…

I just hope the pain is nothing serious… probably caused by the rain I went through on Saturday and Sunday night… yea, I actually walk under the rain in the middle of the night on both night… it was just a short dash to my car after the SIFF 2012 duty… a group of us were assisting the juries with the computers… and I was assisting Latvia for the Sabah International Folklore Festival 😀

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beads, cultural, folklore, siff

Sabah International Folklore Festival 2012 will be held on 14th and 15th July 2012. There are 18 countries participating in the folklore dance competition. The event will be held at the Sabah Cultural Centre Penampang.

There are many cultural events to be held before the date… and there are stalls at the hall selling handicrafts… many unique and creative handicrafts made from beads… probably Onyx Beads… rattan, bamboos, woods and woven fabrics.

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food conveyor

conveyor, conveyor belt, idea, japanese restaurant, sushi

Japanese restaurant probably the first to introduced conveyor to deliver or showcase their food. If you been to Japanese sushi restaurant, I’m sure you won’t miss the little train going around the big table carrying plates with sushi.

The train is just a toy, it doesn’t really pull the entire trailer behind it… the train and its trailers are sitting on the conveyor belt which takes it around the table… and some taking it into kitchen. One customer got an idea and put a video camera on the conveyor… the video camera recorded the entire scene along the conveyor path. I did it once… err… probably two or three times… while a group of us having dinner at the sushi restaurant. There are 3 or 4 other customers at the time… and the recording was amazing… you should try it… but if there are too many customer, and you want to do it, you better put a notice on the camera, ‘do not take’, else they will think the restaurant is offering camera too on the conveyor… 😛

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dare to carry dead baby?

baby, maternity clothes, pregnancy, teen pregnancy

The story about a girl carrying her classmate’s dead baby in a bag for 17 hours is really horrifying… seriously, who wants to carry bag with dead baby inside?…

In the news, it was reported that a 16 year old schoolgirl gave birth in her hostel toilet and kept the baby inside the bag… not sure if the baby was alive or dead when she put it inside the bag.

Her story was discovered when she sought medical treatment for her abdominal pains. The doctor asked her to call her friend to bring over the bag. Her friend delivered the bag to her and once her friend found out, she become hysterical… yeah, who won’t?… it was madness…

Now the questions is, how did she hide her pregnancy?… she can’t be wearing maternity clothes and go to school as usual… She must have wrapped her bulging tummy to compress or flatten her tummy… imagine what happen to the poor baby… 😛

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hose, single jacket fire hose, water hose

When it comes to high pressure water, we usually need a strong water hose… and strong connector so it won’t detached from the water tap. But when it comes to strong or heavy duty water hose, it usually very thick and hard… not easy to bend… and taking too much space when stored.

The water hose mentioned above usually for home or factory… but when it comes to fire hose, those are not suitable… and usually they are made of rubber which is not fire resistant. For fire hose, they are usually made of reinforced fabric and rubber.

The reinforced fabric is called jacket… and it can be double or single jacket fire hose. These type of hose is easy to store coz since it is made of fabric it can be flatten and rolled as a thin layer of fabric… but usually they are not cheap… and most of the time the size is big and not suitable for home use… 😛

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there is MU2?

call of duty, modern warfare, online games, xbox, xbox 360, xbox 720

I have not played online games for so long… probably more than 5 years. The last online game I played was MU… no, that has nothing to do with football or soccer… it has nothing to do with Manchester United. It is MMORPG from Korea… I believe it was the first Korean MMORPG.

Anyway, a few days ago, I saw someone posted a youtube video about MU2 on Facebook… yes, that is version 2 of MU… but the video was created somewhere in 2011… but when I searched more about MU2, I read one where it said the MU2 will be launched in 2013… I’m really not sure if that is true, can’t find more news about it… but that something to look forward if it true… 😀

But today, playing with game consoles are much exciting… furthermore game console can be connected to the internet for playing online. The call of duty modern warfare 3 xbox 360 is one of the talked about xbox games today… I played this game on PC before… and we played it on the LAN. I wanted to buy Xbox 360 for sometimes… but I just don’t want coz I really don’t want to get addicted with online games like before… but then again, there is news about the coming Xbox 720… I wonder if it going to the market soon… maybe I will buy that for sure this time… 😀

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bike, fullface helmet, helmet, safety, Scorpion VX-34

When I was in uni, I was riding a small bike… well not really small… it was Honda Fame C90. I bought it from another Sabahan who has completed his study. Here, it is compulsory to wear helmet when riding bike… so I bought a cheap helmet.

Then later on, my friend bought a helmet but only used it a day coz he was not comfortable with it… and he sold it to me. I was happy to take it coz the helmet was quite thick… and it was red. That time, fullface helmet was not allowed… it is banned. The reason was the authority do not want it to be abused for criminal activities… for me it was stupid regulation coz people use tinted visor which was allowed, if they want to do criminal act… 😛

But today fullface helmet like Scorpion VX-34 is allowed… it was more on the safety reason. Fullface helmet can protect the head better than the regular helmet… the turtle helmet is the worse although it looks stylish, coz it don’t even cover your ears…:P

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