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stupid phone call

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I really want to put this in here…

On the first working day of this year, 4 January 2010, I received a call… through my office extension phone.

I pick-up the phone and answer ‘Hello’… A lady voice on the other end replied… ‘Is this extension 13xx?’… I said ‘Yes’… then she replied… telling me her company name and location… then asked, ‘How do we register with you?’…

My mind was saying… ‘What the heck is this lady talking about?’…

So I asked her what she wants to register?… and her replied was she not sure… her boss asked her to register… shoot man!!! Is it April already?… I told her I can’t help her if she not sure what her boss want…

Then she asks me what my office business is… I told her it is the ICT section… then she asks me again what is ICT… OMG!!!… I told her it stand for Information & Communication Technology… then she asks me again what it do?

What the heck!!!! O_O

I told her it’s about computers… then she asks me if I can tell her more about ICT… Farkkkkk!!!!… (ok… ok… I don’t like that word to be in here… but that was really what in my mind that time… and it was written with font size 1000 in my head!!!)

I told her I can’t help her if she not sure with everything she asks… I told her to Google the ICT word herself… then she asks me how to do it!!!!! FARKKKKKK… dammit!!!!… This time the word is written with zillion font size!!!… Come on man… This is not an inbound call center… not a sex-call center… not a psychiatric call center… not a psychiatric hospital… not a mental hospital…

I told her to find out herself coz I’m busy and I have a guest in front of me… then I hang up the phone before more stupid words comes out from her mouth…

Dammm… that was really… really… really… I don’t know what word to describe my feeling… what I went thru… at that time… dammm… 😛


Rack mount switch

cisco, HP, LAN, network, ProCurve, rackmount, switch, WAN, work

One of the many to get Hewlett Packard ProCurve switch… need to replace the more than 10 years old Cisco hubs… yes HUB… but all of them… about 16 units with each having 16 UTP ports and a single fiber port as backbone have been running strong like bull… 24×7… for the past 10 years or so… and they are all rackmount type… and they cost a bomb each during its heyday… 😀

HP ProCurve switch with 24 UTP ports and 4 dual-personality ports for fiber connection.

So, 2010 is going to be a challenging year… to keep up the speed demand… or is it speed demon… speed hungry applications… 😛 But we can only speed up the LAN… for the LAN applications… but there is no way for us to get a better WAN speed… 😛 hoping 2010 will give us more WAN speed for us to reach the world out there… 😛

HP Mini GBIC for fiber connection.

Mounting kit for the rackmount switch.

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Small gathering in our multipurpose room

celebration, furniture, multipurpose, office, room, work

Last week, 16 December 2009, our small office… a small branch of a big department had a small gathering among us… it was a 3 in 1 celebration.

First, to celebrate one of our staff achievements who received an excellent award this year… second to celebrate our boss and another colleague belated birthday… and third to thank our two trainee, college students, who have been with us for the past six months.

We had our small party in our multipurpose room… a training room, a store room, a meeting room… it can be any room you like it to be anytime… 😀 we don’t have much office furniture inside the room but probably you might say it is full of junk if you see what inside the room… 😛

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No holiday

holiday, life, luggage, rant, work

Everybody started taking year end leave already… everybody are going for vacation… but for those whose duties are to make sure the systems runs well at all time will hardly get those luxury 😛

And I really hate it when some people don’t understand that doing important support job is a stressful job… we can’t just leave things behind… and this ‘people’ simply call for unnecessary meetings… for the sake of trying to complete their own unimportant work… if the lame meeting is not conducted this year, no account will be unclosed you see… but when system don’t work, the whole administration and accounting will collapse… I think the luggage sets I bought in KL during WCA last month will not be going anyway soon… probably till next year… 😛


Uninvited caller or guest…

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Traditionally, insurance agents will randomly approach their prospect clients. And that approach is still working until today. Insurance agents also get their prospect clients’ contact from their existing clients… or from the unsuccessful client they just discussed with… ‘Please introduce me to your friends who might want to buy insurance?…’ or ‘Please give me 5 of your friends contact so that I can introduce them with our new insurance package?…’ 😛

I really hate it when insurance agents call me and try to sell me insurance policy!!! When I asked them how they got hold of my contact number… they say from my colleague… dang colleague!!!… and these insurance agents always talk a lot… sometimes I just talk straight to their face telling them that I’m not interested buying anything.

They don’t have to waste their time and my time explaining something that I’m not considering buying!!! If I ever need any details about a particular insurance, I can always read it online from the internet… and I also can buy life insurance online without going through them!!!

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Journey Around Sabah… to Tawau today

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Yesterday, went to gym to burn some fat then had a large amount of bak-kut-teh to recover back the burned fat 😆 Have not been to gym for many many years… man… the food is so nice after sweating out… had 3 plates of rice and two large bowl of bak-kut-teh 😀

It is 7.30 am and I’m still packing for my trip to Tawau… working trip from today till Friday… have to go troubleshoot some network problem there… 😛

Every time going outstation to the east coast side like Tawau or Sandakan, the first thing that will come across in everybody mind is seafood… yes load of sea foods… and they are damm cheap down there…

Yesterday, colleague over there called and promised to feed us with sea foods till we vomit… 😛 man… need to take appetite suppressant pills… ok, need to stop here… have to get ready for the trip…


Back to office… need more than what it takes…

break, holiday, life, luck, office, vacation, work

Long public holiday is over… it’s time to go back to work… since Wednesday. But after a long break… four days altogether for last week and five days for the previous week… going back to work is a very hard thing to do…

Sleeping and waking up late are more fun… no worries.

Roaming around doing nothing also fun to do… no worries… no hurry… no datelines… no meeting…

Well, work is work… no job, no monies… so what ever the hassle I have to go through every morning and throughout the day… I still have to face them… 🙁 I need to eat… I need salary to buy foods… 😛

In the office, after leaving it for sometimes, there are many things to be done… everything are piling up… reading emails… replying emails… attending meetings… troubleshooting… ordering office supplies… completing reports… completing systems…

I wish I strike a jackpot and don’t have to work for the rest of my life… 😆 just travel around the world… vacations throughout the year… after year… 😀

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busy, family, fun, life, wedding, work

August was the busiest month… not busy of work but family affairs and personal stuff. I’ve taken 5 days leave in August alone… that is way too much than usual…

During the month of August, there were two family wedding receptions… first was my brother’s on the 8th and then my cousin’s on the 29th.

For my brother’s wedding reception, I guess there was no choice but to be fully involved… 😛 all the way up to the stage.

And lucky it was only reception since they have married in church last year outside the country…

As for my cousin’s, involved for the hall preparations… you know… carry chairs… carry tables… more on physical kind of work… and during the reception which started at 6pm, I turn myself as a bar tender… a bar tender who doesn’t know how to take liqour 😛


Well it was fun handling the alcohol when you yourself don’t like to drink it… Me, brothers and cousins was handling the hard liquor and drinking water… and other brothers and cousins handle the beer… handling the beer is much more easier than handling the hard liquor and the drinking water… the request for the drinking water was non-stop… way before the reception started because we need to provide drinking water to everyone especially to those fasting for their breaking fast at around 6.30pm.


Then there are also futsal games… which I have not played… either I watch only or never go at all… friends must be mad at me… 😛 they have started using their new futsal shoe… but mine, it still wrapped in plastic and kept inside the refrigerator… 😆 Then there are birthday parties… 😛

Updating facebook… 😀

Wokay… now, it’s time to recover… there are many works to be done… in the office and home… but because I took so many leave… I feel like not going back to work… I just feel lazy… I just don’t feel like working… I don’t like waking up early in the morning… I wish I strike the jackpot and don’t have to go to work any more… just travel around the world… eat… and sleep… 😛

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Hunger… tired… excited… busy…

diet, mcse, work

This week was so hectic… Monday was virtually doing nothing but meetings… morning… evening… Only took a plate of noodles with a piece of chicken for breakfast and no food till dinner. Man… my stomach was so… donno how to describe.

Then Tuesday was busy troubleshooting and answering all kind of craps… and I skip lunch. And man… my stomach was so… donno how to describe.

But I also received great news about my order from the net on Tuesday night. I ordered some stuff almost 3 weeks ago 😀

Wednesday, skip breakfast… and almost gone berserk becoz of the mail server… it was not transporting the internal mails out since donno when… probably Monday. Lucky luck is around… nothing serious.

And was also busy filing the eTax… damm… there is so much tax to pay… lucky some of the incomes are non-taxable.

If I keep on skipping my important meals, I sure will get thinner soon… . . . Continue Reading »


Izzit pirated or illegal copy of AVG?

avg, illegal, pirated, work

I was busy scrutinizing some analysis and report this morning. In the evening I have to attend our weekly systems presentation which started around 2.00 PM. Before 3.30 PM, I have to leave office and the systems presentation to meet another two colleagues in another office to discuss further on the analysis and report. We started before 4.00 PM and stopped around 5.30 PM.

We have to prepare some flow charts and a few standard letters to be presented in the next meeting with the committee which is tomorrow. Me and the two colleagues have been meeting and discussing about this stuff since last year.

All these need to be presented and accepted by the committee… and since tomorrow is going to be our first presentation, I don’t expect it to be accepted 100% tomorrow. I’m sure there will be some changes to be made.

But once everything are OK, the higher authority will stamps all the documents as valid and legal using their custom rubber stamps… 😆 Once all these documents are stamped, our future works will strictly follow the procedures we have outlined in the documents, and hopefully it will improve the service quality and performance.

And today, someone caught using pirated or illegal AVG… were slapped with this message… You may not be aware that you are using a pirated or illegal copy of AVG! 😆


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