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Back to Back Movies

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Watched movies back to back last night… first it was Ninja Assassin at 9.40 pm then 2012 at 11.50 pm.

It was not really planned… my body was still fatigue after the two weeks KL journey with the paintball tournament there. Although my body still says I’m tired, I still went to the gym yesterday and finished around 9.00 pm before we rushed to the cinema to find out what showing.

Then we decided to watch two movies… but after purchasing the tickets, we found out that we don’t have enough time to have dinner… and I was damm hungry after the gym!

Each of us end up eating 1901 beef burger, 5 balls of chicken balls and large popcorn plus large Pepsi… and these are not fat burner foods… but no choice coz we have no time… will burn what ever we ate tomorrow at the gym again… 😀

Ninja Assassin is full with bloods… I don’t think it’s suitable for kids.

2012 is not tat bad… makes you think… but I was falling asleep in some part coz it was already midnight… the movie over around 2.15 am…

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Iceland is not suitable for Big Mac lovers

big mac, eating, food, iceland, krona, mc donald, McDonald, weight loss

Next week, the three McDonald’s restaurants in Reykjavik, Iceland, will be close for good.

The collapse of the Iceland’s krona currency has forced McDonald to take the big bite out of the country. It’s a big loss to the fast food lovers in that country… especially to the BigMac lovers… 😛

It must be hard to imagine… a place without McDonald!!! 🙁

Health conscious group must be laughing their head’s off after receiving the good news… 😛 They will be happy that there will be no more overweight people in their country… but more skinny people… and it’s going to be a bad business for those who are doing sliming products business in Iceland… there is no use to advertise slimming product in Iceland anymore… no use to pop-up ‘click here for weight loss pills’ advertisement in their internet browser from now on… 😛

Good luck to Icelanders without Big Mac… and Icelanders please say good bye to McDonald… 😛

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Smashing food’s Guinness World Record… giant tabbouleh

diet, food, guinness, hummus, life, salad, tabbouleh, travel, world record

On Sunday, 25 October 2009, Guinness World Record was set in Beirut’s Saifi Market. For two days since Saturday, the Saifi Market was filled with the sound of chopping, cheering and the sweet, grassy smell of tons of freshly cut parsley.

Lebanon famous chef Ramzi Choueiry and the gang preparing the giant tabbouleh salad for a new Guinness World Record at Saifi Market in Beirut, Lebanon.

Thousands of visitors showed up to cheer the 250 sous chefs and 50 of their instructor from the Kafaat School of Catering. Their target is to prepare the world’s biggest tabbouleh salad.

Tabbouleh is salad made of chopped parsley and tomatoes… sound like a very tasty salad and healthy too… which I believe is much better than the best diet pills available today. I like to eat salad very much… the only good place for me to eat salad here is at McDonald Pizza Hut 😛

Lebanese chefs busy chopping tomatoes to be mixed with parsley for their giant tabbouleh.

For the record… the Lebanese chefs manage to prepare more than 3 tons of tabbouleh salad… to be exact, it was 3,557 kilograms or 7,841 pounds of tabbouleh salad. According to the organizer, the previous record was held by Israel.

Lebanese chefs successfully prepared a massive plate of tabbouleh weighing 3,557 kilograms or 7,841 pounds in Beirut, Lebanon, on Sunday, 25 October 2009.

The day before, Saturday, they also manage to set a new record for the biggest hummus plate weighing 2,056 kilograms or 4,532 pounds, more than quadruple the previous record.

The giant plate or bowl holding the tabbouleh also set a new reword for being the biggest and largest rotating terracotta-colored hummus bowl.

In other word, Lebanese set 3 new Guinness World Records during the festival.

But these also means war of words between Lebanon and Israel will not stop here… both countries claimed tabbouleh and hummus are belongs to them… I hope they don’t go for war because of food… let’s just enjoy the tasty food ok…


Journey Around Sabah… to Tawau today

appetite, bak kut teh, exercise, fat, food, gym, journey, life, sea food, suppressant, tawau, work

Yesterday, went to gym to burn some fat then had a large amount of bak-kut-teh to recover back the burned fat 😆 Have not been to gym for many many years… man… the food is so nice after sweating out… had 3 plates of rice and two large bowl of bak-kut-teh 😀

It is 7.30 am and I’m still packing for my trip to Tawau… working trip from today till Friday… have to go troubleshoot some network problem there… 😛

Every time going outstation to the east coast side like Tawau or Sandakan, the first thing that will come across in everybody mind is seafood… yes load of sea foods… and they are damm cheap down there…

Yesterday, colleague over there called and promised to feed us with sea foods till we vomit… 😛 man… need to take appetite suppressant pills… ok, need to stop here… have to get ready for the trip…


My new hand phone gets airborne

airborne, cafe, food, life, marina, sutera harbor

Last Friday, 18 September, six of us were treated for Ramadan buka puasa buffet at the Marina Café, Sutere Harbour.

We book a table for six for 7.45 dinner buffet… the buffet is from 6pm to 10pm but we don’t want to go early because it will be packed with those who are breaking their fast… after all none of us are fasting 😀

When I book for the table on that evening, I requested for the open terrace… coz I’m sure it’s not going to rain on that night… and I wanted to sit next to the Sutera Harbour’s golden bird. Unfortunately the management put us inside the café and it was brightly lit… it was next to the hallway… 🙁

Well, we don’t want to complain so much, there are actually not many guest when we arrived… and most of the guests are sitting near the buffet tables… and we are sited quite a distance from the buffet table, so we have to make a long trip to get our foods… they did told me about this when I made the reservation.

But good part, our table is next to the entertainer’s micro stage… the entertainer is an old couple called The Mahoney’s… Johnny and Shelley. They live in their boat berthed at the Sutera Harbor marina. We believe the couple travel around the world on their boat and every time they stop, they just get some simple work like entertainer… not sure how long they have been here, but good enough for them to sing Tinggi Tinggi Gunung Kinabalu… they goes to some of the table for song request and for our table, Ahaz requested for Unchanged Melody 😀

OK back to the food, the foods are ok but not much coz we believe most of the good food is all taken by those breaking their fast at around 6.30pm… but they do refill the food. On our table they put a big red candle inside a big glass cylinder with some metal decoration around it… and not on a wall candle sconces… 😀

After the food, we went to the marina to take some photos… yea, brought along my big gun. Then came the idea to take group airborne photos… and that’s where my hand phone… yea the hand phone I just bought a couple of months ago to replace my old broken hand phone… get airborne and crashed landed on the marina walkway… lucky it’s still working although the body is bent and there are parts opening up a bit… 😛 have to send it for repair soon… dang…

Look closely... and you will see the handphone is getting airborne... 😛


Shish Kebab

food, kebab, life, middle eastern, shish kebab, shishkebab

Instead of learning how to reduce food intake, I learned more about new foods… it’s festive time… food are everywhere… what can I do? 😆

I think I just want to talk more about food and drinks for now… so forget about dieting… forget about weight loss diet program that you can think of… let’s just talk about food and eat eat eat… OK?…

OK, I’m sure most of you have heard the word kebab before… middle eastern kind of food or delicacy… but not shishkebab or shish kebab, right?…

Shishkebab is something new to me too… thanx to a friend who told me about it… shishkebab also a middle eastern kind of food.

Shishkebab is made of lamb, olive oil, lemon, salt, pepper, onion, tomatoes, eggplant, bay leaves and green pepper… and sometimes added with paprika…

I love lamb very much… emmbeeeekkkkk… 😀

Shish kebab is prepared by cutting the lamb meat into 1 inch cubes and mixed with olive oil, lemon juice, etc… and then marinated in the fridge for 4 to 5 hours.

There are many ways to prepare it… it all depend on the culture or country…

It can be cook over an open wood fire or in an oven broiler… for me open wood fire or BBQ will be great… but any good food I will take, no problem one, eat only… 😆


Living standard at Mount Kinabalu is very high

backround, check, expensive, food, high price, international, mount kinabalu

On our journey back from Sandakan last Friday, we stop at Kinabalu National Park, Kundasang, at the foot of Mount Kinabalu… the highest mountain in South East Asia.

Late last year, we also stop here for lunch… from Sandakan too 😀

A lot of complains has been posted on the net about the high price someone need to pay to climb the mountain.

To climb the mountain, each climber need to fork out about USD$200… for one night stay at the foot of the mountain on the first day, one night stay at the middle of the mountain on the second night and another night at the foot of the mountain on the third day.

Those from other countries might not feel the pinch… but for the local, that is too much. But mind you, most climbers are sportsman or adventurers… they are not businessman… so the USD$200 also quite heavy to them… and they still have to pay for the other nights stay here… and their travel expenses too. That is why there are so many outcries on the net by the climbers about the hefty climbing fees.

Anyway, that is one story… here is another story… the price of the foods at the cafe at the foot of the mountain. Each person need to fork out RM50.00 nett for the buffet food. If I remember correctly, late last year it was about RM48.00 nett… emm… if the price keep on increasing… soon it will hit RM100 😛

According to some details I heard before… the operator is targeting international customers… and they emphasize on high quality and standard… 😛

But come on… there are locals too who wants to enjoy our very own mountain… don’t tell me they going to do international background check to every one every time some one step their foot here… so that they can charge higher rate to the international visitors or climbers…

But I don’t think so… I don’t see any rate different between the local and international… and the food is jus so so… nothing special… options for the buffet are not much too… and I see most of the climbers don’t eat much coz they are athletes…

But me and colleagues of course whack the food as much as we can… but still it’s not worth RM50 I guess…

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Sleepy… and no appetite

apidexin, appetite, diet, food

Gosh… I feel so exhausted and very sleepy right now… went home around 4.30am this morning then woke up around 8am!!! Went out to hunt meteor early this morning… but that will be another story… right now I’m damm bloody sleepy…

But luckily I don’t have to go to work tomorrow… I took a day leave… coz tomorrow we are going to have a whole day class for the MCSE… I can sleep during the class 😀

I took late breakfast this morning… still full… but soon have to go to Karamunsing Complex for lunch with friends… and they want to go to Japanese Restaurant the Usagi… again… gosh… I think I’m getting fade up with Japanese food… probably too much sushi… or probably I’m too sleepy right now… I have no appetite to eat… Has been eating all kind of foods… including during my brother’s wedding last Saturday… and it was like eating frenzy continuously for the past few days… 😛

I think my tummy is getting bigger… I don’t mind getting extra weight or fat but I don’t like the big tummy… 😆 does apidexin work for my tummy?… I know that supposed for dieting… but I need something to make my tummy smaller… 😛


Eat, eat and eat

diet, food, japanese, pills, tom yam

Has been eating a lot lately…

Has been eating Japanese foods too many times for the past few weeks…

Then eating loads of good foods for two days during conference at Le Meridian hotel…

Then went to eat tom yam and other stuff at Bukit Padang food stalls…

Then tomorrow going for seafood at Salut…

Man… I’m gonna need some diet pills after all this eating frenzy… 😛

Or maybe I’m not gonna need any of those pills coz I’m going to burn the fats back soon by doing load of works…

I… we… are looking forward for out seafood outing at Salut tomorrow… prawns, fish, squids, oysters, clams… wow…

And we are going to do some LAN party there… O_O


Dim Sum oh Dim Sum

food, life, work

Yesterday, 11 February 2009, as usual my office section had a weekly meeting. Our weekly meeting is called Morning Prayer. Don’t ask me why it is called like that because it was like that since before I started working here. And why the heck I want to talk about our weekly meeting? . . . Continue Reading »


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